Pray for Indonesia on Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pray for Indonesia on Sunday, August 7, 2011

Prayers for Indonesia: Matthew 14:22-33

God of mystery, God of courage, you call us into the unknown,
toward a hope only you can fulfill.  Give
your strength to all who answer that call, especially to the young people of
Indonesia who dare to leave behind the safety of family and village for the
sake of a better future, for the sake of those they love.  Protect them on their journey, and in time
bring them safely home, bearing gifts for their people.  We pray in the name of the One who comes to
us in the midst of every storm and gives us the courage to get out of the boat
and take His hand.  Amen.

Mission Stewardship Moment from Indonesia:

The village of Kalumpang is a five hour drive into the interior
of western Sulawesi over rock and mud roads. 
It is the home of the Protestant Church of West Sulawesi, one of our
partner churches.  Although Kalumpang has
a village health clinic, they have never been able to keep a doctor there.  They come for a few months, get tired of the
bad roads and lack of electricity or phone service and head back to the city.

Few young people from Kalumpang make it as far as high school,
and no one from their tribe had ever become a doctor.  But having seen too many people die of
preventable illnesses, the church determined to send one of their young people
to medical school so that they would have a doctor.  They asked CGMB to provide a scholarship.

Monika Mainnak is now in her third year of medical school in the
north Sulawesi city of Manado, a huge metropolis by comparison with Kalumpang,
and a frightening place for a young mountain girl who had rarely seen the
coast.  She writes of her experience:

I am only the child of a poor farmer, and even going to
school through high school level was a struggle that required help from many of
my relatives.  This has been a new
experience for me, but thanks be to God I have been given the ability I needed,
so that the challenges that I faced were not more than I could bear.

Whenever I feel discouraged I remember the condition of my
people in the Kalumpang area,  Thinking
of them always gives me motivation to work harder in my studies so that I can
finish on time and then I can return to Kalumpang and bring a change in the
medical care available to my people. 

Finally, I want to express my thanks to the donors whose
generosity has made my studies possible. 
I also ask for your prayers so that what we have hoped for and planned
for will one day come to pass.  Amen!

In accordance with our text today, Monika may not be able to walk
on water, but at least she had the courage to get out of the boat.

(Prayer and Mission
Moment by John Campbell-Nelson)

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