Pray for Japan on Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pray for Japan on Sunday, June 12, 2011

Prayers for Japan:

Let us pray for the victims of the tsunami, who have lost their homes and loved ones.
Let us pray for all those who live in temporary housing, for the long spiritual journey ahead; that they may be sustained and nourished by God’s love.
Let us pray for the people of Fukushima who live with the fear of radiation. Pray that the Japanese government will have the courage to tell the truth of the dangers of this man made disaster.
Let us pray for the church in Japan, and for all who are reaching out to help. May each hand that reaches out be a revelation of God’s love.
Gracious God, you give us the light of your hope. Help us to seek, to find and to share your HOPE in every place we go. 

Mission Moment from Japan:

The Emmaus Center in Sendai, Japan is involved in relief work for victims of the tsunami of March 11. Each day we send between 20 to 50 volunteers out on their bicycles to help with mud removal and clean up in the village of Shichigo by the sea. Shichigo is a traditional community closed to outsiders and strangers. The disaster however, has opened a small door for new relationships. Both the volunteers and the residents of Shichigo are touched by a new found LOVE; a LOVE that is transforming lives. We are going to continue our relationship with the people of Shichigo for years to come. Even after the cleanup is finished, we hope to hold onto the relationship. In much the same way that Jesus walked alongside the disciples even after the disaster of the cross, we hope that we can be a sign of a LOVE that continues to walk that road toward Emmaus; the road of a deep and shared communion with one another.

 (Prayer and Mission Moment offered by Jeffrey Mensendiek)

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Global Ministries International Partners in Japan:

  • Doshisha University: Martha Mensendiek is a teacher of Social Welfare at Doshisha University, Kyoto. Casilda Luzares teaches English.
  • Asian Rural Institute: The mission of the Asian Rural Institute (ARI) is to build an environmentally healthy, just, and peaceful world, in which each person can live to his or her fullest potential. This mission is rooted in the love of Jesus Christ. To carry out this mission, ARI trains and nurtures rural leaders for a life of sharing. Leaders, both women and men, who live and work in grassroots rural communities primarily in Asia, Africa and the Pacific form a community of learning each year together with staff and other residents. Through community-based learning they study the best ways for rural people to share and enhance local resources and abilities for the common good. 
  • Emmaus Center: Rev. Jeffrey Mensendiek works as the Director of youth ministries at the Emmaus Center, Northeast Conference of United Church of Christ in Japan, based in Sendai, Japan. The Emmaus Center grew out of the activities of the Sendai Student Center which was started in 1951 as a ministry to college students. Today, the Emmaus Center carries on the youth ministry activities, and in addition provides a meeting space for various ecumenical activities. It is involved in outreach to the community, and presently houses the activities of the Tohoku Disaster Relief Center. (
  •  Kobe College:
  • Korean Christian Church in Japan:
  • Miyagi Gakuin Women’s University:
  • National Christian Council of Japan:
  • Tohoku Gakuin University:
  • United Church of Christ in Japan:

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Global Ministries Missionaries in Japan:

Casilda Luzares recently retired and is visiting congregations in the United States.

Martha Mensendiek teaches Social Welfare at Doshisha University

Jeffrey Mensendiek serves and the Director of youth ministries at the Emmaus Center.

Pray for Partners without Global Ministries Mission Personnel: Pacific Islands

God, we lift up all of our partners in the Pacific Islands. We pray for them as they struggle to meet the challenges of global warming in their context and work for justice. Amen

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