Pray for Kenya on Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pray for Kenya on Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lectionary Selection: Luke 13: 1-9 


Prayers for Kenya: 

God we surrender ourselves to you, so that you can plant in your vineyard. Help us to bear fruit of humbleness and love.

Creator God let our roots grow deep and stretch the boundaries of faith in the spiritual soil of justice, peace and righteousness. Let us always be nurtured by a passionate curiosity that is nonjudgmental, that feeds its core on its interconnectedness with all of life.

God we pray for Kenyans as they go to the polls tomorrow to vote for a President, Members of Parliament, Senators, Governors, Women Representatives and County Representatives.

We pray for peace in the country.

We pray for free, fair and transparent elections.

This is our prayer in the matchless Name of the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

Mission Stewardship Moment from Kenya:

On March 4, Kenyans will go to the polls to vote for a President, Governors, Senators, Members of Parliament, to fill public offices in the country’s newly devolved system of government. We cannot help but reflect on the post-election violence that took place six years ago in Kenya. Violence erupted over election results and the parties involved used violence as a way of expressing their anger against the results of the presidential election. This lead to the killing of over 1300 people, rape of women and children and the displacement of thousands of people some of whom are still living as internally displaced people (IDPs) in their homeland. Many Kenyans did not have faith in the due process of law because they believed the courts were not independent but impartial to those in power. Since the last elections, Kenya has put in place comprehensive reforms such as the appointment of a new Chief Justice and the establishment of a Supreme Court etc.

In the lectionary passage this week, Jesus is speaking to the violence that occurred involving the deaths of Galileans whom Roman troops killed under Pilates authority.

When we hear of the violence in Kenya after elections in 2007, the HIV/AIDs pandemic in Africa or the drought affecting East Africa during 2011, it is easy for us to feel we are blessed because we have not experienced tragedies similar to these. The passage in Luke where Jesus asks us, “Do you think these people were worse sinners than you?” is a challenge to us.

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Phyllis Byrd)

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Phyllis Byrd, a member of Hollis Avenue Congregational, United Church of Christ, Queens Village, New York, serves the Presbyterian Church of East Africa. She is jointly appointed by the Presbyterian Church (USA) and Global Ministries. She serves with the Organization of African Instituted Churches as the Director of the Just Communities program. The Just communities’ department works with African Independent churches (AIC) in promoting economic justice, good governance. She works with AIC ‘s across Africa in licking their spirituality with development of civic virtues as well as work with them to engage with theologies that weaken people’s understanding and sense of citizenship. She also works as coordinator of the Presbyterian Church (USA) young adult volunteer program (YAV) and facilitates assignments of Global Ministries short-term volunteers.