Pray for Mexico on Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pray for Mexico on Sunday, November 22, 2015

Lectionary Selection: John 18:33-37 Who do you say that I am?

mexico_prayer_2015_01.jpgPrayers for Mexico:
God of love and mercy, hear our prayers of petition for: Mexico and her people; Albergue Las Memorias which is home to just over 100 who are considered outcasts for having HIV and or for being addicts of drugs and alcohol. Hear our prayers for food, gas money, medication, electricity and water bills. Hear our prayers of gratitude for: the ways that the support continues to arrive at times of great need; the ways service to the community changes people; and my prayer of thanksgiving for being called to serve as the first missionary.  

mexico_prayer_2015_02_copy.jpgMission Stewardship Moment from Mexico:
Today is the first day this place feels like home to me. It is a big adjustment to go from a life with meaning and purpose in the USA to being deported to Mexico with little to no attachment to people, no job, and now no money. Life is very different. In the USA, medication for HIV and necessary doctor visits were easy to obtain. In Mexico, I had no way to get the medication I needed. I am so glad I discovered Albergue Las Memorias.

Here I find meaning in service. I never thought about caring for others who are sick as something I should or could do. Since I have been here for two months I have cared for five people who have died. Everything from bringing food to cleaning bodies daily; changing sheets to holding a hand and reading from the Bible. All of it is my service to Albergue Las Memorias.

I have seen this man care for others and offer words of encouragement to those who are gaining strength in their recovery. I have also stood with him as he supports the dying and their family, an emotional time to be sure, and he is awesome… full of compassion and faith.

Who do you say he is? Addict? Gay? Undocumented? Artist? Advocate for Gay rights? Deportee? Care-giver? Companero to the dying? All of these are true. And so much more is true about the awakening in his heart and life connection with Spirit. I say he is a beautiful Child of God.

Home with my Mother is a bad place filled with drugs, I cannot live there and stay clean. I am pregnant and have only three weeks till this baby girl is born. I deserve better, and so does she. I had to return to Albergue Las Memorias because I knew that I needed a safe, sane place to have this baby. 

It is amazing to see this young woman move from a life of drugs on the streets, doing whatever she needed to do to make it to her next fix. Who do you say she is? Prostitute? Addict? Homeless? Student? Soon to be mother. Yes all of these are true, and yet, I see a young woman of great faith.

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Jerri Handy and Marge Boyd)

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Jerri Handy serves as a Long-term Volunteer and Marge Boyd serves as a Short-term Volunteer with Albergue Las Memorias, Tijuana, Mexico. Their appointment is supported and is made possible by your gifts to Disciples Mission Fund, Our Churches Wider Mission, and your special gifts.