Pray for Mozambique on Sunday, January 29, 2017

Pray for Mozambique on Sunday, January 29, 2017

Mozambique_2016_Erik_Free_01.jpegLectionary Selection: Matthew 5:1-12

Prayers for Mozambique:
God of peace, we pray today for our sisters and brothers in Mozambique. We ask your hand of blessing to continue to rest gently upon their country, to inspire your peace in their leaders and their people. May our partner church, the United Church of Christ in Mozambique, continue to be inspired by your love in their work as peacemakers and conduits of your blessing in the world.

Lord, there are people in Mozambique who suffer from hunger and little access to fresh foods.

Use your people to bless them with abundance and the bounty of the earth.

Lord, there are people in Mozambique who live in fear of violence.

Comfort them with your Holy Spirit and inspire peace in the hearts of those who would do violence.

Lord, there are people in Mozambique striving after you and your kingdom. Bless them with the knowledge that they are not alone, that they have your Spirit within them and the prayers of others around the world supporting them.

God of Grace and Blessing, we lift up the people of Mozambique with these prayers today which we ask in your Son Jesus’ name, Amen.

Mission Stewardship Moment from Mozambique:

Land use and ownership in Mozambique, like many countries around the world, is subject to how well you are using the land. Technically, the Mozambican government owns all the land in the country and individuals or groups can only “own” land under long term leases dependant upon how they are using the land. I first learned about this when we began learning the story of the UCCM’s many decades of work in GoiGoi.

During Portuguese rule the mission site at GoiGoi belonged to the church and they used it to grow food and train pastors. During the period of wars and conflict the land was taken away from the church and afterwards the church had to work hard to gain it back. When they did they had to make sure they could show it was being used well and for a specific purpose. They had to be good stewards. The desire to steward the land well was not hard to come by, but the resources were few. The church worked for years to slowly re-develop the property which had been destroyed by years of war and neglect. They, with the help of world partners like Global Ministries, were able to construct a school and church on the mission site as well as begin a farming project with local people.

The UCCM hopes to continue revitalizing the mission site of GoiGoi. The place is a model of stewardship. As long as the church continues to invest in the place and the people, the land is theirs. This is their dream, to make GoiGoi a community center of agriculture, faith, and knowledge and we are invited to join with them in that dream.

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Erik and Kim Free)

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