Pray for Mozambique on Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pray for Mozambique on Sunday, May 29, 2016

IMG_20160327_083527200.jpegLectionary Selection: Luke 7:1-10

Prayers for Mozambique:
God of glory and grace, in whom we profess our faith, hear our prayers as we lift up our sisters and brothers in Mozambique. May their faith be encouraged and grow in the strength of humility, Lord. We know that life is difficult in Mozambique and many are feeling the SAM_7357.jpegoppression of violence, fear, lack of resources, and hunger. God we ask you to inspire in all of us – your faithful in this place and in Mozambique – courageous hearts to stand up for the oppressed. Inspire us toward thoughts and deeds of service across our cultural divides, O God. For it is in these acts of courage and defense that we reach beyond ourselves and open ourselves up to the glory of your love. With this love, we can change the world.

Lord, you know all our innermost beings. Help us to know one another better and to reach out with hearts of understanding. For it is in understanding that we might see that we are all one in the family of God; that we share one another’s hurts and struggles and are called to stand up for what is right and just for all people. Lord, make us all instruments of your peace and healing. Amen.


SAM_7459.jpegMission Stewardship Moment from Mozambique:
Our mission partners in Mozambique need your prayers; prayers for peace, for comfort, for renewed and strengthened spirits in times of trouble. Not only our partners need prayer, but the entire country, its leaders, its dissidents, its city-dwellers and peasant farmers as well. Our prayers are intended to inspire comfort and blessings from God upon our sisters and brothers half a world away. We make these prayers because we believe in their power. We believe that God is listening. It is an act of faith.

SAM_7541.jpegI watch my neighbors in GoiGoi perform acts of faith on a regular basis. They prepare their fields every year, faithful that the rains will come and the harvests will be good, even though past years have been disappointing. When those rains finally do come later and later each year, they plant what seed they have, faithful that the rains will continue and their plants will grow large and strong. Years like this one, in the midst of drought where last year’s harvest was insufficient to last until this year’s, they harvest once again, faithful that somehow it will last, that they will find work and money enough to supplement their food reserves.

They come to church each Sunday, faithful to God and to one another as a community. They bring to the offering table whatever they are able to bring, faithful that it will be stewarded well and used for the good of the community. The parable of the widow’s offering often comes to mind, as many church members are widows who do give generously out of their poverty. It is humbling to witness this parable acted out in living truth. Let our faith be inspired by our sisters and brothers in Christ around the world and turned into action as we bring our offerings to the table that they might be shared.

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Erik Free)

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Erik Free serves as a missionary with the United Church of Christ in Mozambique. His appointment is made possible by your gifts to Disciples Mission Fund, Our Churches Wider Mission, and your special gifts.