Pray for the Democratic Republic of the Congo on Sunday, April 10, 2016

Pray for the Democratic Republic of the Congo on Sunday, April 10, 2016

Rev_Marco_with_CDCC_Women.jpegLectionary Selection: John 21:1-19

Prayers for the Democratic Republic of the Congo:
Gracious Creator, we marvel at how you feed the little birds. You created our world of abundance to sustain all life. Like Peter, we too are in need of forgiveness for the times when we act according to our own will. Yet, you forgave Peter and called him to feed your sheep. Thank you for calling us to feed your sheep both spiritually and physically, a “wholistic” ministry to bring the whole Gospel to the whole person. Like the disciples we need to listen and adhere to your voice. In doing so, may we too enjoy the rich fellowship and communion of your presence.

Woman_trainee_standing_in_the_garden.jpegHelp us to grow in the knowledge of your power to increase the fruits of our labor, even when we have no fruit. For you are able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us. Oh God, you have given us power to see that no child lacks basic nutrition. Bless the work of the CDCC Women’s Department and its partnership with Global Ministries. Help them overcome the increasing challenge of growing food because of climate change that creates unexpected floods and drought. We praise you for your faithfulness towards us, and in anticipation of the abundant harvest we know will come.  

Mission Stewardship Moment from the Democratic Republic of the Congo:
The disciples get a bad rap for their decision to go fishing. The argument goes that the disciples should have committed themselves to prayer and preparation until they met up with Sandra_Gourdet_Womens_Center_Garden_In_Bolenge.jpegJesus in Galilee; but they instead went fishing, as if the disciples abandoned their responsibility, loaded up the truck, grabbed a cooler of beer and headed to the lake for a day of fishing. The disciples were waiting for Jesus at the right place when they simply decided to do something they knew, and were skilled at doing.  More importantly, Jesus did not rebuke the disciples for going fishing. When he appeared to them he asked if they caught any food.  After hearing they didn’t, Jesus (“the Master of the Sea”) commanded they cast their nets over the right side of the boat to yield an abundance of fish. The definition of abundance is more than enough. Like the miracles of wine at the wedding feast and the feeding of 5,000…Jesus provides more than enough. 

Sandra_Gourdet_Womens_Center.jpegThe people in Mbandaka, DR Congo can tell you that fishing is hard work, and it’s often done at night so the fish is fresh when the markets open at sunrise. Fish is abundant in Mbandaka, but fish alone is not enough to supply adequate nutrition. The clay and sand floor of the Equatorial rainforest is difficult terrain for growing fresh vegetables. For example, tomatoes can only grow to about the size of a quarter. That’s why the CDCC Women’s Department, in partnership with Global Ministries, has expanded their agricultural development program to improve food security and to provide a steady diet of nutritious vegetables. The introduction of new soil mixtures, cultivation practices and other techniques will mean more locally grown and healthy vegetables, leading to improved basic nutrition. Together, CDCC and Global Ministries are fulfilling Christ’s command to bring what we have for divine increase and abundance.

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Paul Turner)

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