Pray for the Dominican Republic on Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pray for the Dominican Republic on Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lectionary Text and Prayers for the Dominican Republic: Mark 1:29-39

Lord we see around us a society torn by inter family violence toward women and children, children malnourished and undereducated, and in situation of sexual exploitation. We’ve seen the innocence of youth who have learned the realities of poverty very early in life and the parents who are struggling to change their situations in life. We see not only people infected by AIDS but families suffering the effects.  We don’t understand why people are still without the basic necessities of life such as clean water and food. Amidst this devastation we fail to remember that you are the ultimate healer. Lord, in our busy lives help us to find the quiet space and time to spend with you in solidarity so that we may be renewed and cleansed to go out into this world with peaceful spirits and loving hearts. We pray that you may use our hands to bring your healing powers and embrace the struggles of this world that we live in.  Amen.

Prayer requests:

  • For the staff of Caminante that works long hours to defend and promote the rights of children that the Lord will continue to renew their spirits and hearts with compassion, patience and energy.
  • For the children in Situations of the Street that they may see and know the love of Christ through the hands of those that continually are workings with them.
  • For the youth of this community that are struggling with the pressures of poverty, forced to work,  neglecting their education and right to the enjoyment of children.
  • For the families and children affected by HIV/AIDS, that they may continue to fight for their right to life and overcome the daily struggles through knowing the healing presence of the Lord.
  • Prayers for the Regional Ministers/Staff (Glen Stewart – Tennessee, Paxton Jones – Kansas, Don Hiscox – Upper Midwest, Penny Ross-Corona – Mid-America, Tom Jewell – Oklahoma, Lee Parker – Virginia, Ralph Datema – Central Rocky Mountain, Ray Miles – Georgia, Thad Allen – West Virginia, Sotello Long – South Carolina, Barb Jones – Great River and Rebecca Hale – Northwest)  that will be visiting the Dominican Republic and the partner organizations of Global Ministries that they will be visiting. We pray that minister as well as partners bring each other a renewed hope and faithful presence, that they may continue the work of the Lord our healer and ever present companion in each of their parts of the world. 

(Prayer by Erin McKinney)

Global Ministries International Partners in the Dominican Republic:

  • Acociacion Centro Cristiano de Asesoramiento Familiar (CECAF):
  • Alfalit Dominicano:
  • Iglesia Evangelica Dominicana:
  • Proyecto Educativo Caminantes:
  • Servicio Social de Iglesias Dominicanas, Inc. (SSID):

Global Ministries Missionary in the Dominican Republic:

Erin McKinney, a member of Hiram Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Hiram, Ohio, has been appointed to serve Caminante in Boca Chica from 9/1/08 to 8/31/09. She works with children in Caminante’s Outreach Ministry.