Pray for the Korean Peninsula July 12, 2009

Pray for the Korean Peninsula July 12, 2009

Lectionary Text and Prayers for Korean Peninsula: Psalm 24

Creator, maker of all we now pray for this region and specifically the Korean peninsula.  Our request for unity of all persons in this region is renewed as we are inspired by the psalmist words that the earth is here for us and given to all by the Creator.  We receive the fullness of blessing that we may be nourished and give back from the gifts received.  We renew our request for strength for all those on the path to reconciliation and love in the place of disintegration and hatred.  The path of love leads us to unity and peace.  Praying for the ministries of those at the university, with the children, their workers and the outreach of your church may all find encouragement and calm in your word.  The Lord is strong and mighty, and all-powerful; and a glorious King.  We are grateful for the gift of your presence in our lives.  As we close our prayer may we linger with your presence in one another and when we depart let us go filled with your peace.

Amen – let it be so

(Prayer by Sharon Mann)

Global Ministries International Partners in Korea:

Hanshin University
Hanul Disabled Children’s Center
House of Early Dawn
My Sister’s Place
Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea
Sungnam Migrant Workers Center

Global Ministries Missionary in Korea:

At present, none on this peninsula