Pray for Timor Leste/East Timor on Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pray for Timor Leste/East Timor on Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lectionary Text and Prayers for Timor Leste: John 17:1-11

Almighty God, whose will be done in this part of our small world, please continue to endow the Timorese your wisdom in leadership of your followers; as servant leaders as Jesus did instead of being focused on position and power. We know this can be done only with the Holy Spirit working within them in changing values, perceptions and attitudes attuned to your will. Let them continue contributing to the positive development of this new nation through its existing ministries in rehabilitation, socioeconomic development and educational concerns both at the secondary and college levels because they are focused mostly on the underprivileged in their society. We pray that peace will continue so that change can be realized to strength this nation and its people. Also, we pray for the current leadership not only in the Protestant Churches of East Timor (IPTL) and its foundations and related bodies but the whole country itself. We ask that they not be distracted in pursuit of the general welfare of your people. We know God that only through you can positive change take place. Finally, we pray that there would be a successful transition of leadership in IPTL this coming July 2008. In Jesus name. Amen.

(Prayer by Carlos Madrazo)

Global Ministries International Partners in Timor Leste:

  • Protestant Churches of East Timor (IPTL): represents the Reform Churches presence in a predominantly Roman Catholic country in Southeast Asia. When Timor Leste gained United Nation’s recognition in 2002 through a referendum, more than half of IPTL members were Indonesian civil servants and members of the military left. What used to be 17,000 member church had more than half of its supporters gone. Likewise, more than half of its ordained pastors left for Indonesia and/or Australia. The main front line workers that sustain the Christian fellowship in rural areas are the evangelists assisted by barely 17 ordained clergy; a few of whom are doing part-time jobs. The exact number of IPTL members remains unknown. During the first or second week of July every four years, IPTL holds its General Assembly. This coming July 2008, there will be change of leadership. IPTL besides being Global Ministries’ covenanted partner in this tropic oasis is fully committed to and engaged in spiritual, educational and socio-economic rehabilitation of their young country. It has now three church-related bodies that tend to the more specialized ministries namely, the Foundation for Social Light (HUSONA) for rehabilitation and development (1979), Didache Foundation (DIDACHE) (2007) for the Lisa Dila Vocational Junior High School and the International Christian University Timor (ICUT, 2007) and Universidade Communidade Matebian (UCM, 2002) for higher education concerns where it hopes to establish its own school of divinity to train more rural pastors.. IPTL also collaborates with the Ministries of the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA), Asian Federation of Student Christian Movement as well as the Federation of Asian Women’s’ Ministries. IPTL has made fraternal relationships with neighboring Christian churches in  Australia and Indonesia. As of this writing, IPTL is spearheading the formation of a National Council of Church for Timor Leste. IPTL is a member of WCC (World Council of Churches) and WARC (World Association of Reformed Churches).

Global Ministries Missionary in Timor Timor Leste:

Carlos Madrazo began serving in 2007 as an institutional capacity building advisor to IPTL, Didache Foundation and ICUT.