Pray with Fiji Sunday, September 13, 2020

Pray with Fiji Sunday, September 13, 2020

Fiji_RJ_Howard_5.jpegLectionary Selection:  Exodus: 14:19-31

Prayers for Fiji:  

In the darkest of times, the Lord is there with us. While the Egyptian army pursued the Israelites on their trek to a better life, God was ever-present and assisted the refugees all along the way. In the final desperate hour, intervening through the natural world, God played a pivotal role by acting as both a protector and ultimate defender of the Israelites. This intervention can be viewed as a balancing of the scales between two peoples that had long interacted with one persistently holding an advantageous position. In our world today, there is a need for people to recognize the incidents where a measure of intervention is necessary. Many are struggling for freedom, independence, they and their children’s future, and even more efforts that may not ever be recognized. 


I would bring to the table the people of the Pacific Islands working to live through the impact COVID-19 has had on their livelihood, those who are impacted by the changes in weather intensity and sea level, and also those working to free themselves from injustice be it institutionalized or maintained by force. May blessing and prayers be with the people that work to bring stability and equality to themselves and others particularly in the trying times of today as we struggle to find a balance in our lives. With the idea of normal shifting, it is important to look outwards to the people that do not have the luxury of having the security of a known future with the changing of climates and loss of economic opportunity. Prayer for those who feel lost in their efforts, and may all find the strength to move forward. Let tomorrow always be better than today and may the world advance to a brighter future. Amen.

Fiji_RJ_Howard_3.jpegMission Stewardship Moment from Fiji:

Community means so much in Fiji and is expanded beyond the confines of one’s family unit. Caring for those in your community has become essential as the economic situation for many has become uncertain and in some cases desperate through the course of this year. Part of the Pacific Council of Churches efforts this year have been dedicated to making and maintaining a community garden for public use with the idea of replanting after harvesting so there is a consistent food source for those in need alongside the formation of an expanded Food Bank. Longer-term projects like the narrative and consequences of climate change for the Pacific Islands is of great concern as their lands, lifestyles, and cultural practices are placed in jeopardy. Some of these efforts have been supported through partners like Global Ministries. One direct-impact project is the production of traditional sea vessels to be supplied to coastal communities that would come with training for how to utilize them to reinforce the Pacific culture while using sustainable sea transport, a secure food source, and reducing reliance on foreign shipping for goods.

Prayer and Mission Moment by R.J. Howard

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