Pray with Ghana Sunday, December 16, 2018

Pray with Ghana Sunday, December 16, 2018

Lectionary Selection:  Luke 3:7-18

Prayers for Ghana:  

Spirit of compassion, Spirit of giving, Spirit of change, on this Third Sunday of Advent we hear the message of John calling us to change our lives from self-serving to compassion.

This day as we lift-up the people of Ghana, may we learn from them the willingness to freely be giving of ourselves, to be open to the hospitality of others, and to learn that together we can make God’s world a better place. May we learn the joy of going out of our way in the service to others. We give thanks for the people of Ghana to teach us.

We also pray for our partner, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana, especially, the faculty and students of the seminary at Peki. May their ministry of compassion and caring continue through their service to the people in Ghana.

Mission Stewardship Moment from Ghana:

John the Baptist, a man without means and who lived a life in the wilderness, enters our lives on this Third Sunday of Advent and challenges each of us to change. He calls us willingly to be servants of others.

In the short six weeks we have lived among the faculty and students of the seminary at Peki and with the people of the community in Peki, we have experienced hospitality freely given and are often surprised when the hospitality is unexpected.

Recently, we needed a small Philips screwdriver. Not a big need and surely not one that is life changing. I took the small screw to our neighbor, Theresa, to show her the size needed and asked if she might have a screwdriver. She shook her head and said, “No.”

About thirty minutes later, there was a knock at our door. To our amazement, Theresa had walked to the seminary (about one quarter mile) and sought out screwdrivers from the students. Later, two students came to make sure our need had been met and to see if they could help with our project.

John calls us to compassion even if it takes us from our ease. This Sunday, we hear John’s call. This Sunday we see how a simple action can bring a large change.

Prayer and Mission Moment by Larry and Deborah Colvin

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