Pray with Ghana Sunday, March 3, 2019

Pray with Ghana Sunday, March 3, 2019



Lectionary Selection:  Luke 9:28-36

Prayers for Ghana:  

Lord Jesus we thank you for your unconditional love, your compassion, your guidance in our daily life.

As we live and work with our brothers and sisters in Peki, Ghana we see YOU in them.

Ghana_Debbie_Colvin_1315eb7e-c794-4700-bc72-e7b8399f742d.jpegThey show your unconditional LOVE by sharing their lives, food, clothing, knowledge and openness to accept people of another race and culture into their home, church, and community.

They show your COMPASSION by being patient, understanding, and willing to help in anyway they can NO matter how small it may seem.

They show Guidance by sharing their culture, history, giving direction, stories of the community, to give us a feeling of being part of them.

Ghana_Debbie_Colvin_IMG_6310.jpegAs we work alongside our Partner the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana in Healthcare and at the EP Seminary in Peki we pray that you continue to bless them as they continue to show your LOVE in their daily walk.

Mission Stewardship Moment from Ghana:

In Luke 9:28-36 we read about the Transfiguration of Jesus.

Ghana_Debbie_Colvin_IMG_6724.jpegWhile on the mountain praying, Jesus was joined with Moses and Elijah. As he prayed his Disciples, Peter, John and James saw his transfiguration, they saw that his face changed and that his clothing became dazzling white. This was quite a sight. They were consumed in a cloud and they heard the VOICE of our Heavenly Father speak “This is my Son, my Chosen, Listen to Him.”

When I think about this passage it makes me think about BLESSINGS. We have been living in Peki, Ghana for four months. Larry is working at the EP Seminary and I am working with the local hospital. Even though this has been a huge transition for me I can truly say that I have received many blessings. The seminary has provided housing for us. School children stop by to say hello, Ghana_Debbie_Colvin_IMG_6798.jpegstrangers greet and welcome us. Our 91-year-old neighbor has befriended us and has shared food and clothes and given guidance. Drivers take a special interest in helping us. These are all blessings I have received NOT because I asked for them but because I LISTENED to the Son, the chosen one of GOD, and he chose to bless me in this way.

The community of Peki, Ghana is truly a warm, welcoming, accepting Christian community.

We see God at work here in Ghana.

Take time to STOP and LISTEN to Jesus, he will lead you in the path you are to take.

Prayer and Mission Moment by Debbie Colvin

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