Pray with Ghana Sunday, November 24, 2019

Pray with Ghana Sunday, November 24, 2019

Ghana_Debbie_Colvin_IMG_9185.jpgLectionary Selection: Luke 23:33-43

Prayers for Ghana:  

God of grace. Today we give thanks for the many natural resources which you have provided in the nation of Ghana. We seek forgiveness in the ways we have exploited the lives of humans and natural resources. We pray for the wisdom of the Ghanaian people to continue to be fruitful. As the thief who confessed his sins, may we too, confess our past sins and be open to using well the paradise of resources.

Ghana_Debbie_Colvin_IMG_9176.JPGMission Stewardship Moment from Ghana:

Recently Debbie and I spent a week along the coast of Ghana. During that time, we visited the castles and forts from which enslaved people were lead as cattle in chains never to return. We also explored the forests, farms, and water which are rich resources such as fish, cocoa, palm oil, and rubber. These were once taken by colonial powers and still often exploited by foreign corporations. Ghana_Debbie_Colvin_IMG_9156.jpgWe were excited to see many community cooperatives being developed, particularly by women, where the people themselves are developing their own markets and reaping benefits never before shared.

As the students of the Evangelical Presbyterian Seminary in Peki and I together study the theology of the Old Testament, we have long conversations concerning the use and misuse of human labor and natural resources. We note the paradise God gave in Eden in abundance. We seek ways to be prophetic is preaching of God’s paradise for all.

Prayer and Mission Moment by Larry Colvin

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