Pray with Hong Kong Sunday, August 30, 2020

Pray with Hong Kong Sunday, August 30, 2020

Hong_Kong_Judy_ChanCandlelight_Vigil.jpgLectionary Selection:  Romans 12:9-21

Prayers for Hong Kong:  
O Lord, in the face of so much evil in our world, guide us on the noble path in obedience to Your holy commands. When facing overwhelming odds, we remember that You only call us to be faithful. “Success” in the world’s eyes is not guaranteed. We leave the final judgment to You, our just and merciful God. May the Church and the people of Hong Kong be Your faithful witnesses to the truth: Love is stronger than hate, Good is stronger than evil, Hope is stronger than despair. Protect all those on the frontlines in Hong Kong and China fighting for justice, especially the young who have risked so much so that all may live with dignity and freedom. God of grace and glory, grant us wisdom, grant us courage for the facing of these difficult days ahead. In Jesus’ precious name we pray, Amen.

Hong_Kong_Judy_Chan_Protest_graffiti.jpgMission Stewardship Moment from Hong Kong:

The passing of the National Security Law for Hong Kong on June 30, 2020, was a watershed moment for the city. Almost halfway through the 50 years of the “one country, two systems” policy put in place after the 1997 handover, Hong Kongers overnight are facing a different political landscape. The sweeping National Security Law has already had a chilling effect on public protests, social media, pro-democracy groups, press freedom, and academic institutions, among others. In these trying times, churches must seek the wisdom from God on how to navigate the new political, social, and religious environments. The Hong Kong Christian Council issued a statement in June affirming that, “We believe that all humans are created by God, in God’s image and with dignity, and that all are born equal. We must pursue justice, peace, truth, and honesty according to God’s command, be salt and light in the world, resist evil and safeguard human dignity.” To that end, HKCC urged that the National Security Law be consistent with the common law principles of the Hong Kong judicial system and should fully guarantee human rights and freedoms (including freedom of expression, publication, information, assembly, religion, and association) that have been enjoyed under the one country, two systems principle. May the body of Christ in Hong Kong and China and their compatriots around the world embrace the teaching of St. Paul: Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, and most of all, persevere in prayer (Rom. 12:12).

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