Pray with Indonesia on Sunday, March 4, 2018

Pray with Indonesia on Sunday, March 4, 2018

A hearse picks up the coffin of a migrant worker at the Kupang airport cargo terminal. Courtesy of Infokom GMIT

Lectionary Selection: John 2:13-22

Prayers for Indonesia:

O guardian of sacred space—of our fellowships of intent, our bodies and souls, we pray for the migrant workers of Indonesia whose poverty makes them vulnerable to trafficking and abuse in foreign lands, and whose families accept their absence as the new normal. May your mission of redemption touch the lives of those far from home, trapped as indentured laborers, some maimed for life. We pray for the Evangelical Christian Church of Timor that its new ministry, House of Hope, reflect its name in action. Guide its staff and board members as they seek to provide safe shelter, and care of body and spirit to victims of human trafficking. Strengthen us to accept this as our mission as well. Grant us courage to overturn the tables of those who exploit naiveté; and drive from our temples those who forfeit integrity for profit. We pray especially for 21-year-old Adelina who returned home from Malaysia in a coffin at the beginning of Lent. May your comfort touch the lives of her family so they too can join your mission of redeeming and renewing hope. In the name of Jesus, whose anger we remember, Amen.

Catholic and GMIT church leaders pray for an end to human trafficking in front of the NTT Governor’s residence in Kupang, West Timor. Courtesy of Infokom GMIT

Mission Stewardship Moment from Indonesia:

The Cargo of Bodies
15 Feb. 2018 (the day after Ash Wednesday): I leave for the airport about 10 pm in rain that alternately pours and wanes. It’s a dark night for a vigil. John is away; a friend accompanies me. I arrive to learn that not only one, but two coffins are to arrive on the last plane—one holding a man in his 20s who, we’re told, died in a flood while working on a copra plantation in Malaysia; the other a mother of three in her 40s who died somewhere, some way in Papua. The day after tomorrow, we’ll meet another coffin at the cargo terminal. Adelina worked for a family in Malaysia. Photos show her arms and feet covered with festering wounds from chemical burns. During the last weeks of her life she had to sleep on the porch with a Rottweiler. A few GMIT pastors have joined others over the years to turn the tide of trafficked young people who leave our province each year; increasing numbers returning in coffins. This year, GMIT made an important institutional decision for a shelter to support these victims of abuse and trauma and their families. We in GMIT give thanks for participating in this important work through your prayers and gifts.

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Karen Campbell-Nelson)

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Karen Campbell-Nelson, member of United Church of Christ, Decorah, IA, works with the Synod of the Christian Evangelical Church of Timor (the Unit for Human and Natural Disasters) and the Justice, Peace, and Reconciliation initiatives of the associated bodies in the region.Her appointment is supported by One Great Hour of Sharing, Our Churches Wider Mission, Disciples Mission Fund and your special gifts.