Pray with Morocco on Sunday, September 16, 2018

Pray with Morocco on Sunday, September 16, 2018

Morocco_Emanuella_Loccident_IMG-20180719-WA0049.jpegLectionary Selection: Mark 8:27-38

Prayers for Morocco:

Precious, Loving, and Caring God, we are here before you with our hearts filled with gratitude, for you are our Everything! We bless your Holy Name, our Mighty Savior and our Omnipresent Help in times of need. We are grateful for your gentle hands that are always offering to touch, heal and guide us on our paths!

Morocco_Emanuella_Loccident_20180701_124313.jpegThank You Lord for being this Present Help to the Evangelical Church of Morocco, deciding daily to stand for those in trouble!

We pray that, as you are our Messiah and Savior, the one who saved us from ourselves, may you also be the Messiah for all the migrants who are seeking help, seeking a better future for their families and themselves! As they are walking with their hands held high, crying for a Savior, someone to relieve them from their burdens, we pray that you show up in their lives, through us, to rescue them from their pain and sorrow.

We pray for all the ministers of the Church who have decided to take their cross and sacrifice their own comfort so that their sisters and brothers could get closer to their own “Canaan.” May your overwhelming peace and love fill their hearts till they overflow on the lives they are serving! Give them the strength and courage to go on. Lord, when they feel fragile and frail, please show yourself strong in their weaknesses!

For we know that after the cross, resurrection and restoration surely come!

In Jesus name. Amen!

Morocco_Emanuella_Loccident_IMG-20180719-WA0040.jpegMission Stewardship Moment from Morocco:

In my work here, I am often put in the position to see what leaders of this church are going through, as well as the sisters and brothers we are serving, so that I can make their stories known and heard.

Morocco is geographically at a crossroads of Africa and Europe. It is also where migrants coming from Sub-Saharan Africa are trying to escape from terrible situations in their homeland in hope of crossing to what they visualize as Canaan. Some of them walk for days, for weeks, for months, holding the hope of a better future so close to their hearts like a treasure.

Morocco_Emanuella_Loccident_IMG_20171218_150559_848.jpegThe Evangelical Protestant Church in Morocco engages in the noble ministry of justice, serving the “least of these” by giving them food, clothes, shelter, medical aid, spiritual assistance, professional training, and much more. They assist unaccompanied minors, women who are often pregnant and men who are in deep need. All of them have decided to take their crosses, with their families’, their ancestors’ and even future generation’s crosses, and walk in hope of being rescued by God. Because yes, they all have faith in God! Every single one of them strongly believes that they will be led by their God to the Promised Land. This is what gives them hope.

Morocco_Emanuella_Loccident_IMG-20180125-WA0026.jpegThe church is also financially helping students coming from Sub-Saharan Africa to further their studies here, as well as those who wish to go back to their home country after they’ve obtained their diploma.

Thanks to your gifts and prayers, I often have the honor to hear stories of migrants’ lives that have been changed for the better. Many of them who arrive here hopeless, tired, wounded and lost, are loved, cared for, assisted, and, most importantly, seen as human beings, our sisters and brothers!

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Emmanuela Loccident)

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