Pray with Morocco Sunday, November 17, 2019

Pray with Morocco Sunday, November 17, 2019

Morocco_Emanuella_Loccident_IMG-20191021-WA0015.jpgLectionary Selection:  Luke 21:5-19

Prayers for Morocco:  

Yahweh Shalom, as we are lifting up in prayer our sisters and brothers in Morocco, we are thanking you for your overwhelming peace in the midst of troubled times, a peace that is available to us all, with no exception. Remind us that by standing firm in peace, we will win life.

Yahweh Yireh, we are praying for the Protestant Church in Morocco and all of the help they are providing to the least of these – surely they are contributing to the movement of wholeness in a fragmented world. Please provide the resources they need so that they can continue this important work of love, presence, and assistance for all. Remind them that by standing firm in their willingness to serve, they will win life.

Morocco_Emanuella_Loccident_IMG-20190302-WA0018.jpgAbba, we are lifting in prayer the new student pastors who are now serving in various churches all over Morocco. Please allow them to find strength and courage in this new era of their lives. Most of them are young and newlyweds, it will be hard to balance all of these new roles they will have to embody. Remind them that by standing firm in these new roles you’ve assigned to them, they will win life.

El Shaddai, we are praying for safety, health, and strength for all the dreamers who are looking for a better future, not only for themselves but also for those attached to them. We are praying for those who are risking all they have so that they can find access to a peaceful haven. Please guide them in their journey and give them the courage and strength to face what is ahead. Remind them that by standing firm in their dream, they will win life.

Allah, as a new school semester starts for most students, we are praying for those who have recently arrived in Morocco. Many are lost, faced with a new reality in a new country and community, but we are praying that they find balance and peace in you, loving Parent. And remind them that by standing firm in their projects, they will win life.

Thanking you in advance for our answered prayers, we are giving you praise!

In Jesus’ name, we pray,


Mission Stewardship Moment from Morocco:

Morocco_Emanuella_Loccident_IMG-20190310-WA0062.jpgOur sisters and brothers of Morocco are living in critical times. Jesus’ speech in Luke depicts a scene of what is happening in our world right now. It can be frightening at times. And when you are in the midst of it, hope can be hard to find.

As you may know, Morocco is at the crossroads of Africa and Europe; the best location for dreamers wanting to cross over to what they strongly believe is a better life in Europe.

Words are not enough to explain all the atrocities, oppression, and inhumane acts they have to face and yet, when we listen to their stories, their hope in the future is so vibrant! They are preaching to each and every one of us, that when you hold on to your objective and dream, it will give you the strength to make it through life.

Morocco_Emanuella_Loccident_IMG-20181228-WA0006.jpgThe Protestant Church in Morocco is a church that is standing firm in this. It is a church that welcomes all who are willing to come and even goes after those who don’t feel deserving of love.

The church created programs for people migrating in order for them to feel seen again. They offer multiple types of aid: food baskets, clothes, medication, lodging, transportation, grants for those who want to go back to their home country, professional training, grants for students in need, and many more. We are blessed and honored to work and assist the church in many of these aid programs.

Thanks to your prayers, your thoughts, and gifts, we are able to assist those who are vulnerable and in need of gaining back their dignity. We are part of this movement of wholeness in a fragmented world, here in Morocco as well, and it is all thanks to your generosity.

Prayer and Mission Moment by Emmanuela Loccident

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