Pray with Nicaragua, December 27, 2020

Pray with Nicaragua, December 27, 2020

Lectionary Selection:  Luke 2:22-40

Prayers for Nicaragua 

Our father who art in Heaven,
Let’s protect, take care of, love us,
As only you know how to do it
May your wisdom flood the minds of scientists,
May we imperfect children of yours love each other,
May brotherhood flood our hearts,
Our minds, our wills,
That you provide the weakest,
Let the marginalized be part of our vision of love
May we all recognize that there is no one greater than you,
You know our hearts are weak
That our minds are changing every time we meet you
May our elders live to teach us,
May they illuminate the path of children and youth
That men and women take care of each other
That all beings can recognize ourselves as part of this creation of yours,
That we love, take care of, and respect your creation.
May the hope that your Son sows in our hearts not die.
That racism, classism, sexism, and others disappear
May each of us, your children, be able to show you our appreciation by taking care of each other.
May wars, hunger, misery, and exploitation of one another disappear.
In your infinite wisdom, love and tenderness, welcome us into your holy bosom and Heaven when our time comes.

May God the Father
May God the Son
May God the Holy Spirit dwell and remain in our hearts and minds in this Advent of 2020.

Mission Stewardship Moment from Nicaragua

Nicaragua has always been in the memory of Central Americans as a land of lakes and volcanoes. Also, people remember the recent history of the triumph of rebellion against a dictatorship and military regime that plagued the country for more than 40 years. Then, for its joyful and sticky music together with its Christianity. That spirituality bound peasants, workers, students, market ladies, and people in general in their faith to face years of attacks and reprisals from the great center of power of the North.

I was allowed to visit, live, and help carry out accompaniment of the Christian Mission Church Convention through the Global Ministries’Global Service Workers Program. I arrived in Managua on July 3, 2018, just 3 months after the eruption of population discontent with all the emergency situations. I had no place to spend the night due to limitations and shortages typical of the economic, political, and social crisis that Nicaraguan society was going through at that time.

They managed to temporarily accommodate me in a place that was too expensive for the Church’s coffers. They negotiated with me the fitting out of the pastoral meeting place for use as a small study office, which I accepted. He managed to develop accompaniment, teaching, and preaching during the period that lasted in December 2020.

Like any church serving in the developing world, it struggles with economic resources. Most of its members are farmers, workers, street vendors, and a variety of informal workers. The Church pulls resources to help them to provide for their families. Also, the Church constitutes a place for families to gather and promote community life. Sometimes, the Church is the only place where children and young people can socialize to avoid the streets’ harshness.

They struggle to empower their communities, raising funds to build their temples and places to teach, and develop education programs for their children and youth. The season of Advent has taught us in recent weeks to unite, love, and share with all those who do not have the same conditions that we enjoy.

This year has been a teaching year for everyone. The Covid-19 disease has taught us that we cannot get ahead alone. Solidarity and love for others will lead us to overcome this harsh reality. Our siblings of the churches in developing countries will always require our solidarity.

Visits to churches and communities outside the urban centers prove that God’s word is not stopped by the adversity, hardships, and difficulties faced when taking it to remote and developing places. The reality of the harshness and inhospitality of these places was demonstrated in the first days of November when they were hit by two hurricanes Eta and Iota, and tropical storms. These hurricanes exposed the needs and gaps that these communities face. Given everything that happened this year, we have nothing left but to pray to Our Heavenly Father.

Prayer and Mission Moment by Ignacio Salinas

Mission Partners in Nicaragua

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Global Ministries Mission Co-worker in Nicaragua:
Ignacio Salinas serves Mision Cristiana de Nicaragua. His appointment is made possible by your gifts to Disciples Mission Fund, Our Church’s Wider Mission, and your special gifts.