Pray with Nicaragua Sunday, September 29, 2019

Pray with Nicaragua Sunday, September 29, 2019

Lectionary Selection:  Luke 16:1-13

Prayers for Nicaragua: 

Dear God, help us to be faithful to you and our siblings in times of need. May your grace give us strength and commitment to serve your cause and to do it with honesty, transparency, and a sense of justice. Deliver us from intentions that move away from your will and teach us your path of peace, love, and hope. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

Mission Stewardship Moment from Nicaragua:

A year ago, my journey began in Nicaragua. It was interesting because the last time I was here, in 1992, Nicaragua had a new president and it was a struggle to implement democratic principles in the government system. After years of struggle against the Contras, Recontras, Compas, Recompas, and many other dissident groups, the people continued to look for a more stable, progressive, and peaceful future.

People, churches, and other organizations saw an opportunity to build a very different country, but the elites continued to be in control. The economically disadvantaged in Nicaragua suffered. No matter who is in the government – right or left political organizations – those experiencing poverty in Nicaragua are not considered. Needs in public health, education, social and economic systems continue.

In the last year, this country lost approximately 185,000 jobs, the health system collapsed because they do not have medicines, and the economy is struggling. The cost of a basic food basket a year ago was 6000 Cordovas ($200.00) per month. Today it is 14,000 Cordovas ($600.00). The scarce rain and dry winter of Canicula put the harvest in danger, but the people trust that God will provide and pray the harvest will arrive.

We in Global Ministries accompany the poor in Nicaragua, regardless of their social status. Nicaraguan people continue to look for the best connection with God, and this is our primary concern. I am here to support the theological education of the members of Asociacion Convencion de la Iglesia Mision Cristiana, a group of churches and mission camps (53) around the country who work with the people of Nicaragua in theological and pastoral care. My role is to help provide analysis and education tools as well as to improve knowledge about God’s Word and work. Together, we walk in the way to the Lord.

I have much love for Nicaragua. When you see how the people worship, read, and learn, and how they like to be a part of the church and teach you how to adore the Holy Trinity, it is exciting. The economic, social, and political situations are not solved and they do not know how long it will be until a solution arrives, but people participate in the church and they show solidarity. They are committed to helping in health, in economic and family situations, and in prayer as they support one another in whatever ways they can.

The people of Nicaragua need our love and support, they need our presence, they need our accompaniment in these difficult times. We are grateful for your support and solidarity. May the Holy Spirit be with you today, tomorrow and always. 

Prayer and Mission Moment by Ignacio Salinas

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