Pray with the United Kingdom on Sunday July 8, 2018

Pray with the United Kingdom on Sunday July 8, 2018

uk_3.jpgLectionary Selection: Mark 6:1-13

Prayers for the United Kingdom:

God help us see the gifts of each other. Help us value the people living in our communities as well as praising others who have travelled great distances to do your work. We know that You are needed everywhere: near and far, among the rich and the poor. For when we are ourselves empowered, we enlighten others to feel uk_2.jpgempowered as well. When we ourselves are doing Your good work at home, we can share those blessings with others around the world. We are thankful for those whom you sent. Specifically, we pray for the United Kingdom during this tumultuous time of the Windrush scandal and Brexit. We pray that those who were not born in the UK, but invited to live and work there, feel welcomed, loved and supported. We pray that the ever-changing diversity of Britain is held with high political and social importance. Lift up the Roma community specifically Lord and help the British and Roma cultures live peacefully together. Open our ears so that we might begin to understand each other. Lord, support the URC church in its proactive work in local communities. Inspire the members of the churches to contribute time and creativity to the local projects. Amen.

uk_1.jpgMission Stewardship Moment from the United Kingdom:

One of my favourite aspects of my service work in Wolverhampton is the Roma Drop In. Every Thursday afternoon, Roma can come to the church for time together. I work with the 15-30 kids that come and we play soccer, make slime, tie dye shirts, do science experiments, and play games. Over the year, the few kids who were violent have become much better at managing conflict and anger. I am so proud of how they have learned to stay calm and channel their energy into sport. One of the best parts about Roma Drop In is that the kids know they are safe there and can talk about challenges in their lives with me. It has been a blessing to listen to the Roma kids’ experiences at school and home and to be able to talk with them about it. When something good happens, the kids run in and tell me and we all go to the church gym and run and dance around! Overall, the Roma Drop In is a place where life’s joys and hardships are celebrated and shared. It is a place where kids who are turned away from other places because of their culture can come to have fun and to work through difficulties. It is a place where the Roma feel at home and welcomed.

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Allison Trezona)

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Allison Trezona is a member of First Congregational Church, Naperville, Illinois. She serves with the United Reformed Church, United Kingdom.