The Chopsticks Game

The Chopsticks Game

Can you use chopsticks?

Children in China (and Japan and Korea and many other places) use them all the time. Here’s a chopstick game from Global Ministries missionaries, the Searles, who live in China. This is a very exciting game and will teach you to use those chopsticks fast!


1. Make two teams. (Don’t make the teams too big, 4-5 people is best. If you have extra people, have a cheering section!)

2. Line up each team on one side of a table, team members standing or sitting next to each other.

3. Give each player a bowl and a set of chopsticks.

4. Put a bowl full of jellybeans, raisins or small marshmallows to the left of the first player on each team.


When the referee says “Go!” the player at the start (left) of the line starts taking jellybeans from the bowl to her/his left and put them in the bowl in front of her/him. The next player will take jellybeans from the bowl on her/his left and put them into his/her own bowl, and so on until the bowl in front of the last person is full of jellybeans.

Liz and Doug Searles live in China with their children in China and teach English.