World Day of Prayer, March 3, 2017

World Day of Prayer, March 3, 2017

medium_prayer-for-beginners-g13leaiz.jpgWorld Day of Prayer takes place internationally on the first Friday of March every year. If you can’t celebrate World Day of Prayer on the first Friday in March, choose another date that works for your community and you can celebrate in symbolic solidarity with women around the world!

The host country for World Day of Prayer 2017 is the Philippines. The women of the Philippines call us to explore concepts of economic justice in both the Philippines’ context and around the world and our response in light of God’s generosity. (Matthew 20: 1–16).

It is with deep gratitude that we recognize the growing power inherent in our World Day of Prayer. The circle of prayer has expanded literally around the world. We have learned the great lesson of praying with, rather than for, our sisters and brothers of other races and nations, thus enriching our experience and releasing the power which must be ours if we are to accomplish tasks entrusted to us.

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