Youth and Children Links from Other Organizations

Youth and Children Links from Other Organizations

Links to activities and resources for youth and children from other organizations

Children and Youth

Catholic Fund for Overseas Development (CAFOD) Primary School Resources
Easy to download assemblies, quizzes and schemes of work to challenge and inspire young students to take action for global justice.

Catholic Fund for Overseas Development (CAFOD) Secondary School Resources
Embed the global dimension into curriculum with classroom resources to challenge and inspire students to take action for global justice.

Young Adults

Bread for the World: On Campus
Ideas to help young adults mobilize on hunger issues.

Teachers and Youth Leaders

Catholic Fund for Overseas Development (CAFOD) Youth Leader Resources
Information and resources for youth leaders, chaplains, volunteers and others that work with young people, including prayers, youth events, fundraising, and more


The Canadian Foodgrains Bank’s homepage is: They have a variety of resources including stories, videos and “Food Justice Updates” on their resources page:

This is Christian Aid’s site for kids and is educational and engaging:

Church World Service’s resources are listed on: Their resources include Build a Better World”s Children’s Curriculum and Educational and Advocacy Resources. CWS’s Hungry Decisions page is posted at:  is a page of youth and young adult resources and offers “Hunger Education Tool Kits” , “Taking Root: Hunger Causes, Hunger Hopes”, “World Hunger Resource Packet” and “Top 40 Resources Catalog”  has a Congregational Resources page: which offers the “Animal Crackers” and “Fill the Ark” programs as well as many other great resources. Also, Heifer has a “Read to Feed” program for teachers to use in classroom settings at: offers many games and activities for children

Mary Knoll link: This page lists a classroom program as well as study programs for Africa and the Philippines. lists a variety of resources to educate the general population on current hunger issues. lists resources and activities for churches and youth. lists resources and cyber events for youth.

UNICEF homepage: where there is a link to “Voices of Youth” which is a wealth of educational pieces for youth and which is shaped around contributions from and blog-like discussions between youth from around the world who have joined and submitted their own thoughts and experiences on topics like racism, human rights, and environmental quality issues. offers educational resources related to hunger.  It does offer the information in several languages.

UN Food Programme offers an online game called “Food Force” at: The site also lists a blog, teachers resources, an interactive hunger map and other resources.  Nickelodeon has teamed up with the Millennium Campaign to promote children getting involved in promoting the MDGs.

Catholic Relief Service has resources for kids at: and some resources about fair trade and understanding other cultures were listed on is an informational resource for youth on a variety of topics by the Youth Policy Action Center and is aimed at youth and adults.

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development has a website at: There is a link in the navigation bar for Education Center which offers materials aimed at K-5, 6-12 and adults.