Personal Experience at Kalauman

roberts1.pngOn a return visit to the Philippines (where we had lived years earlier), we had the opportunity to visit the Dumaguete Kalauman Center for Development.  We were able to meet the children and families sponsored by our church and minister.  We spent two days with the staff and children, learning about their programs, their successes, and their challenges.  We were warmly welcomed with enduring Filipino hospitality and shared meals, outings, worship, music, and serious discussions with them.  

We were very impressed with the excellence of the programs, the deep commitment of the staff, the obvious positive impacts on the children and their families, and the high level of achievement attained by the many high school and college graduates who were assisted by the Kalauman program over the years.  The work of Kalauman and the visible results it achieves is truly amazing.

roberts2.pngAfter several days at the Center we were, and still are, convinced that Kalauman is a “shining star” among the many social programs in the Philippines and around the globe.  Discussions with Global Ministries Child Sponsorship staff confirmed our opinion – the Center is very well run.  We were so impressed by the programs and staff members that we have decided to make Kalauman a priority in our personal giving.

During our visit, we came to understand that the physical location and facilities are a key aspect of Kalauman.  All of the sponsored children gather every Saturday for activities, classes, worship, and fellowship.  During the week there are activities and classes for the families and after-school programs for children.  In the evening, there are meetings and activities for adults.  The building also is the work space for the staff, facilities for special events, and a “core” which unifies all that Kalauman accomplishes.  It is hard to imagine how the Kalauman Center would function without a physical space of its own.

roberts3.pngWe hope that you will consider joining us in making the new facility a reality for Kalauman.  With our support and passion for the work of Kalauman, we know the new facility will create new opportunities to continue to grow and thrive.  


Ben and Judy Roberts
Members of First Congregational Church of Palo Alto, CA

Click here to learn more about the Building Project of Kalauman.

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