Sabeel Wave of Prayer: Week of July 4, 2022

Sabeel Wave of Prayer: Week of July 4, 2022

Next week Kumi Now will mark the 9th of July, 2005 as the date of the launch of the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement, BDS seeks to influence faith communities and other organizations and businesses to consider whether their investments in Israel are helping to support the occupation.

•    Lord, we pray that more people around the world will be convicted to withdraw investments in companies whose products and services are used to violate international law and human rights in Israel. Lord, in your mercy..

The members of Kairos Palestine and Global Kairos for Justice, have produced a theological study here for Christians and civil society organizations to explain what the Israeli crimes of apartheid are. It explains why Palestinians and a growing number of churches and human rights organizations use this word to describe the oppression of the Palestinian people by the state of Israel, a biblical-theological reflection describing the sin of apartheid; with an urgent call to the global church to hear the pleas of Palestinian Christians as well as a list of recommended actions.

•    We thank you, God, for the initiative of Kairos Palestine and of Global Kairos for Justice and for the many supporters worldwide. We pray that churches around the world and their members will hear the call and resist the sin of apartheid. Lord, in your mercy..

Friends of Sabeel France met to consider the work of the French Development Agency,(AFD), on Sunday, the 26th of June. Thirty members heard how the agency is focused on helping to fund sustainable development and water and sanitation projects in the occupied Palestinian territories.

•    Lord, we give thanks for the Friends of Sabeel in France and in many other countries who continue to support and pray for the work of Sabeel and an end to the Israeli occupation. Lord, in your mercy..

Last week Ben and Jerry’s ice cream manufacturer released a statement expressing its disappointment with the recent move of Unilever, its parent company. The ice cream manufacturer and Unilever had received harsh criticism for planning to stop selling its product in the occupied Palestinian territories. This week Unilever announced it will now sell Ben and Jerry’s ice cream through its local licensee in the country. Avi Zinger, owner of American Quality Products, will sell the ice cream with a Hebrew or Arabic brand name and Unilever will not profit from the sales.

•    Lord, we thank you for those companies who are prepared to review whether their products are profiting the Israeli occupation and the illegal Israeli settlements. We pray for strength and steadfastness for those who are censured for taking an ethical stance. Lord, in your mercy..

A Palestinian teenager was arrested by Israeli police after he had reported to them hat he had just managed to flee from a violent sexual assault from a Palestinian employer. He was arrested for illegally entering Israel, but was not admitted to a trauma room to receive medical and psychological attention. His assailant was fined and served a short prison sentence for entering Israel illegally, but he was not charged with sexual assault . The Israeli police representative could not offer any explanation in court for the mishandling of this case and the teenager was released.

•    Lord, we pray for the young Palestinian boy who has suffered this assault as he tried to find work. We pray that the Israeli police will review its practices and take due care of all the people they serve, Palestinians and Israelis alike. Lord, in your mercy..

On Thursday, the 24th of June, a demonstration was held in Ramallah in memory of Nizar Banat, the Palestinian activist who was arrested and beaten to death by Palestinian security officers. Although fourteen officers were arrested for his death in custody, critics say that justice under the Palestinian Authority is moving too slowly. Recent reports from the United Nations Committee Against Torture and from Human Rights Watch state that both the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and Hamas in Gaza are systematically mistreating and torturing Palestinians in detention.

•    Lord, we pray that all those who are guilty of perpetrating abuse and human rights violations will be held to account. We pray that activists like Nizar Banat will be able to voice their concerns and protest peacefully without fear of violence or abuse from Palestinian or Israeli authorities. Lord, in your mercy..

•    On Friday, the 24th of June, staff members of the Society of Saint Yves Catholic Centre for Human Rights and their accompanying film crew were detained by Israeli soldiers as they tried to carry out work supporting families living in Masafer Yatta who have been  threatened with demolition orders. The soldiers claimed they did not have the proper permits to enter ‘Firing Zone 918’. They were transported to Beersheba in a military vehicle and left without any means of transport back to Jerusalem.

•    Lord, we give thanks for the courage and persistence of the members of the Society of St Yves as they try to support the residents of Masafer Yatta living under threat of forcible transfer from their land. Lord, in your mercy…

On Saturday, the 9th of July, Muslims in Palestine and in other countries will be gathering in mosques to celebrate Eid al-Adha. Afterwards many will meet up with family and friends to celebrate by eating traditional foods and to share their feasts with less fortunate families.

•    We pray for Muslims as they celebrate with their families and for the special care they take over those living in more adverse conditions. Lord, in your mercy..

•    We join with the World Council of Churches in their prayers for the countries of  Sudan, South Sudan and Uganda. Lord in your mercy…