Sabeel Wave of Prayer: Week of May 1, 2023

Sabeel Wave of Prayer: Week of May 1, 2023

This week’s Kumi Now considered the threats of censorship and violence suffered by Palestinian journalists, as World Press Freedom Day is remembered on Monday, the 3rd of May. Next week’s Kumi Now online gathering will focus on the US support for Israel. The vast amount of  US military support  for Israel is used to harm Palestinians living in the Holy Land.

  • Lord, we pray that leaders around the world will reconsider their arms’ sales and the havoc and oppression caused by the use of this weaponry. Lord, in your mercy… hear our prayers.

Israeli occupation authorities have started plans to confiscate 70 Palestinian homes in the Old City of Hebron. Director of the Hebron Construction Committee Imad Hamdan said the Israeli occupation plans to hand over the Palestinian homes to Israeli settlers.

  • Lord, we pray for our Palestinian people as they continue to go through their ongoing Nakba. We pray that the use of religion and scripture by extremists to justify evil actions will end. May all people who follow claim to follow you surrender to your true will of justice and peace. We pray for the families facing the threat of eviction, the community of Hebron and all people of conscience that they use creative nonviolent action to defend the rights of the Palestinians. Lord, in your mercy… hear our prayers.

On April 28, 2023  Mustafa Amer Sabbah, a sixteen-year-old Palestinian teenager was shot and killed by the Israeli army’s live fire during confrontations that erupted in the village of Tuqu, West Bank district of Bethlehem. The following day in  the same village of Tuqu, a number of Palestinian students suffered from suffocation from teargas inhalation when Israeli occupation soldiers attacked a school with teargas in the village.

  • Lord, We remember the family and friends of Mustafa as they grieve for their loss. We hold the Palestinian people in our prayers, especially our young people, as they continue to live under military occupation. May your spirit Lord guide us to expose all who are complicit and profiting from our suffering and dispossession. Lord in your mercy…hear our prayers

On Saturday, April 29th, Israel settlers assaulted two Palestinian siblings and stole their car near Ramallah, Westbank. The settlers attacked Bassem and Wael Abu Harzan while plowing their land. The brothers suffered cuts and bruises before the settlers stole their car and left the area. The attack is part of numerous similar violations targeting the Palestinians, their homes, lands, and holy sites in several parts of the occupied West Bank.

  • Lord, we pray for Bassem and Wael’s speedy recovery. We pray that the persons who carried the violent attack and abuse will be held accountable and the car is returned to its owners. We pray that such actions are not tolerated nor justified at all by the Israeli community.  Lord, in your mercy… hear our prayers.

Visually impaired Palestinian detainee Izz al-Din Amarneh has been on hunger strike for eight days in a row in protest of his detention without charge or trial by the Israeli occupation authorities. Amarneh, 52, a blind man from the town of Ya’bad in the northern West Bank province of Jenin, was arrested by the Israeli occupation authorities in February 2022, and has been held in administrative detention ever since. Amarneh has five sons and daughters. His two male sons, Ahmad and Mujahed, are also currently imprisoned by the Israeli occupation authorities.

  • Lord, we give thanks to all who speak truth to power and refuse to be silent. We pray that Israel will abandon its deceptive ways to control Palestinians in order to maintain its military occupation. We are thankful for the witness of the Amarneh family who continue to expose the evil of the Israeli military occupation even when they are behind Israeli prison bars. Lord, in your mercy… hear our prayers.

A pro-Palestine grassroots movement based in the UK, has set up a protest camp outside Elbit UAV Tactical Systems in preparation for the group’s siege on the Israeli arms factory. Activists have confirmed they plan to hold their positions until Elbit closes their weapons factory. From May 1, those in the camp are due to be joined by hundreds for the siege and to mobilize against Elbit’s business-of-bloodshed.

  • Lord, we continue to pray for all the people who organize and engage nonviolence to bring justice to the people on the margins. May the witness of the different activists continue to inspire people to commit to nonviolence. Lord in your mercy…hear our prayers.
  • We join the World Council of Churches this week and pray for: Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.  Lord in your mercy…hear our prayers.