Sabeel announces initiative of support to rise up ("Kumi Now!") for Palestinian rights

Kumi-Logo-01-e1536789062138.pngWritten by the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center

It is a difficult time for Palestinians, the situation is dire, and this is unacceptable, it’s time for change we must overcome.

We Palestinians are blessed with many friends around the world who are prophetic voices, and courageously stand with our plight for freedom. We get our strength and power from people like you.

The time has come, we have unified voices from different organizations which reflect the diversity of our friends and human rights advocates to continue to struggle until the light of justice shines.

Sabeel_logo_small.pngToday, the 8th of October, we are announcing a world-wide initiative which will launch on the 21st of October with direct actions. To date we have dozens of organizations participating.

We call on you to join this initiative, spread the word, and help to lift the spirits of activists up, we continue to challenge the powerful and there is no turning back.

It is now time to Rise Up!

To join, visit this website where you can watch a short introduction, read about the project and a Bible study, and most importantly, join the initiative so we can all rise up together.

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