Sabeel Wave of Prayer: Week of Nov. 13, 2017

Sabeel Wave of Prayer: Week of Nov. 13, 2017

Sabeel_logo_small.png26-year-old Mohammad Mousa left home in the small village of Deir Ballut, occupied West Bank, to renew his driver’s license and was shot in the back by Israeli soldiers, having unexpectedly met an Israeli “flying” checkpoint. Mohammad later died at Israel’s Beilinson Hospital. His sister, also with him, struck by a bullet in the shoulder, currently continues to receive treatment.

Lord, we bring before You the family of Mohammad Mousa and those that have had the devastating experience of having someone close to them suffer a sudden, violent and needless death. We pray that the violent Israeli occupation will come to an end. Lord in your mercy….

Human rights groups have condemned Israel’s decision to withhold the bodies of five Islamic Jihad members who were killed in an Israeli attack on a tunnel dug under the Gaza-Israel border last week. Israel plans to withhold the bodies in exchange for missing Israeli soldiers held by Hamas believed to have been killed during Israel’s offensive on the besieged enclave in 2014.

Dear God, steady the feet that rush into war and the finger poised on the trigger. Guide all those in positions of power—whether that power is political or physical or social—and give them wisdom to use their power for justice and peace. May all the dead be returned to their families for proper burial. Lord in your mercy ….

The Israeli government is planning to double the number of Israeli settlers in the Jordan Valley, occupied West bank, to reach approximately 12000. The army has already ordered the eviction of Palestinians in different areas of the Jordan valley by issuing sixty military orders of eviction. Israeli settlements in occupied territories are illegal under International Law.

God, Israel continues to steal our land, evict our people and treat Palestinians as outcasts. We pray that the International community, specially human rights observers, hold Israeli decision makers accountable for their crimes. Lord in your mercy…

According to prisoners’ rights group Addameer, 6,198 Palestinians were detained by Israel as of October. The group has estimated that some 40 percent of Palestinian men will be detained by Israel at some point in their lives.

God, most Merciful, have mercy on the Palestinian people as we continue to be harassed and arrested by the Israeli army. We pray for the day Israel understands that true security is the fruit of peace and not military might. Lord have mercy…

Sabeel has concluded its Fall Witness Visit on the theme of Christian Zionism November 2–9, 2017.

Following a week traveling with friends from several countries from abroad we thank you Lord for the opportunity of meeting them and for their witness to our land and its suffering as well as its blessings. We pray that this experience will speak truth to them and that your Holy Spirit will guide them on along your paths of justice, peace and love. Lord in your mercy …….

November 15 marks Palestinian Independence Day. Unfortunately, in the 29 years since the state was declared in 1988, independence is still not a reality.

Lord, we offer thanks for all the people and organizations working to bring about a just peace that will allow Palestine to experience actual independence. We pray for transformation and freedom in this land. Lord in your mercy…

We join the World Council of Churches in praying for the countries of Aotearoa/New Zealand, Australia. Lord in your mercy…