Sabeel Young Adult Conference: July 20-31, 2011

Sabeel Young Adult Conference: July 20-31, 2011

The Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology
Center announces its
International Young Adult Conference,
(Christianity in the East, Islam in the West: Prophetic Voices
from Palestine and Israel)
to be
held July 20th – July 31st. During this
11-day conference, Palestinian
and international young adults
will travel and witness together in a collective attempt to engage this
holy land through the people who
live here. This year we will be exploring issues pertinent to the
current political environment,
interfaith relations, and the challenges facing the local and international
Christian communities as informed
by our Palestinian liberation theology.                                         

Sabeel is an ecumenical grassroots
liberation theology movement among Palestinian Christians and a nonprofit organization with a substantial
history of providing international conferences that offer education and tools for change in
Israel/Palestine (for more information, go to We have already held five very successful
young adult conferences with steadily increasing and more diverse participation each year. We look forward
to an equally successful International Young Adult Conference this summer.

Our vision for this
conference is to gather, network, and further educate young leaders from
Palestine and around the world so that they may
equip themselves with the tools to effectively advocate for justice, peace, and
reconciliation both in the Holy Land and in
their own communities.

We will offer hope for justice and peace
through Bible studies, nonviolent principles for action, and testimonies from
people of faith. The conference will include trips to villages, interactions
with Christian communities in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and visits to refugee camps.
Young adults will also engage in volunteer projects to assist local communities
and learn from them, intensive advocacy training from Palestinians and Israelis,
and cultural events. All together, we hope that our program will increase
participants’ awareness of the situation here and inform it with a theology of
love and hope for the future.

To make this a truly international
experience we are encouraging various Christian denominations to recruit
participants and provide scholarships for young adults. We particularly hope to
award scholarship funds to participants from Latin America, Africa, and
Asia as well as to local Palestinian
participants who have limited economic means.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out an application from our
website and send it to