Scenic Wonders and Wonderful Kids!

Scenic Wonders and Wonderful Kids!

These words of the Psalmist were clearly seen back in December when I spent a few days in the northern part of Lesotho just as we were experiencing some heavy rains.

“He makes springs pour water into the ravines; it flows between the mountains.” (Psalm 104:10)                                

These words of the Psalmist were clearly seen back in December when I spent a few days in the northern part of Lesotho just as we were experiencing some heavy rains.  Water was flowing everywhere!  Streams and rivers were at or above their capacity and the road leading up into the highlands provided scenic wonders to behold, especially many seasonal waterfalls.  The majestic, creative power of God is readily apparent living in an awe-inspiring country like Lesotho!

One of the reasons for my trip north was to stay at the Mamohase Rural Home Stay Bed & Breakfast.  This place gives you a taste of traditional Basotho life and is owned and operated by several brothers of my pastor Rev. Ramonotsi.  I stayed in a circular rondavel set in midst of the family compound.  Years ago this house was lived in by Mamohase and her husband.  It is beautifully decorated in traditional style on the inside.

Another reason for my journey north was to accompany our group of 25 students attending the Scripture Union Camp.  The camp is organized by the SU high school coordinator, known to all as Waza.  He’s been doing this for a number of years now and always does a great job.  I’ve never met any kids who regretted attending the camp and this year proved no exception.  As I mentioned in my last newsletter, donated funds support our Scripture Union group.  Thanks to the generosity of churches and individuals giving to Global Ministries, we were able to send the largest contingent of kids to the camp.  Once again, you’ve made a difference in the lives of the youth of Lesotho as they grow in their love for God and Jesus.

Although I was not directly involved with the camp this time, I did stop by on two days to see how things were going and to see my students, as well as some of the camp leaders who are former Masitise SU members.  It was a great joy to see “my kids” and catch up with their lives.  I was heartened to see how Scripture Union has stayed in their blood and their willingness to offer their time and experience to others.  Most of these leaders are attending the national university, but two of them, Tsepang and Lineo, are now teachers with several years of experience and leading SU groups at their schools. 

As we begin another calendar year may we be mindful of all that God has created. “How many are your works, O Lord!  In wisdom you made them all…” (Psalm 104:24).   May the Good News of God’s love for us, shown through the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus shine forth in our lives with praise and rejoicing!  May these concluding words of the Psalmist be ours:  “I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.” (104:33)

Yours in Christ,

Mark Behle

Mark Behle is a missionary with the Lesotho Evangelical Church.  He is a Mathematics teacher at Masitise High School, Lesotho.