Seeing Jesus on Easter Sunday

Seeing Jesus on Easter Sunday

Bruce and Linda Hanson – Honduras

We saw Jesus as we left the church Easter Sunday, on our way to eat an Easter feast with friends.

He was convulsing in the street from his poorly managed epilepsy. We stopped, because the Easter message had been about opening our eyes to see the racism, poverty, sexism, and need that surround us. We held his head to keep it from continuing to bash into the concrete and as he recovered, helped him to the shade. He was taking medicine that didn’t work and cost him over a month’s wages. He couldn’t go back to the doctor because his next appointment wasn’t until May. He had nowhere to stay because they kicked him out of the Ronald McDonald house since his appointment was over. He had nothing to eat or drink, and he was nauseous and dizzy from lack of food and water. He needed a ride to La Moskitia, a seven-hour bus ride, and then several hours by boat to get to his family, but he wasn’t safe to travel and the bus fare cost half a month’s wages. He had no money. Someone brought water and a sandwich. He threw the sandwich in the street. He needed tortillas and good white cheese from Olancha, not the yellow stuff they call cheese that they sell in the supermarkets. Sometimes Jesus can be a pain in the butt. Can we buy you a ticket? No, the buses are too crowded today from the holiday. I won’t get to sit down. Can we take you to the hospital? Or the Ronald McDonald house? No, they won’t treat me. They won’t let me stay. Can we take you to a friends? No, nobody here cares about me. Is there someone we can call? Nobody answered. What can we do to help you? Nothing. Leave me. We made excuses. He probably just wants money. He doesn’t want our help. Look he threw our food in the street! Ungrateful! He’s always around here and always seems to manage. There’s nothing we can do, anyway.

So we left Jesus, alone, sick, homeless, poor, hungry and suffering in the street on Easter Sunday.

Bruce and Linda Hanson are assigned to the Christian Commission on Development (CCD) to serve the Honduran Theological Community (CTH). Bruce is teaching HIV/AIDS education, prevention and care, while Linda is teaching theological courses.