September 2017 Newsletter from Family Village Farm

September 2017 Newsletter from Family Village Farm

“I didn’t expect that I could do anything as good as this!” –  D. Babu, child at Family Village Farm

fvfsept2017.PNGDuring a recent art project, each boy was given the opportunity to make their mark on the walls of the hostel. Whether it be drawing a design and painting it or learning that abstract thinking and imagination can actually be really fun and produce exciting ideas. This project has been a great way to get creative, share, work within a team and learn new ideas from each other. What was a dull and dingy room is now transformed with splashes of color into an exciting and fun space where the boys’ artwork is permanently exposed.

When asked which part they painted, the boys run around the room excited and pointing to their large, bold brush strokes to their small intricate designs.

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