Share your global worship resources!

Share your global worship resources!

Gifts in Open Hands
More Resources for the Global Community

A New Book from Pilgrim Press
Edited by Maren C. Tirabassi and Kathy Wonson Eddy

We are seeking contributions of:

  • Calls to worship, opening prayers, litanies, confessions and assurances of grace, blessings, dedication prayers, affirmations of faith which are vivid with imagery inspired by experiences of people throughout the world
  • Creative liturgy for Baptism and Holy Communion or Special Occasions
  • Poems, stories for sermons, descriptions of worship services, customs
  • Black and white art suitable for congregational reproduction
  • Original hymns and praise songs for congregational use
  • Brief intercessory prayers on special concerns to the writer (such as a prayer for natural disaster, prayer for peace, blessings for home, family, particular community)

To contribute

Electronic submissions are preferred

Query first for a submission longer than five pages
Please identify church season if appropriate
English translation is helpful but not necessary
All resources submitted must be completely original to the person submitting and may not include quotations from other sources.
Pilgrim Press reserves the right to edit for length subject to the approval of the author
Writers under 18 are encouraged to submit  (signature of a parent or guardian)

DEADLINE – APRIL 30, 2009        

To submit or for further guidelines or information please contact:

Hard copy submissions (please include SASE) can be mailed to:  

Maren C. Tirabassi
271 Lafayette Road
Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801 USA

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