Sichuan Radio and TV University and Amity Foundation Receive Awards

Sichuan Radio and TV University and Amity Foundation Receive Awards

Sichuan Radio and TV University Received Award of “National Model Organization for the Unity and Advancement of Nationalities” in September 2009

In September 2009, Global Ministries partners, the Sichuan Radio and TV University and the Amity Foundation have received the highest award granted by the State Council of China in the area of “Model Organization in the Unity and Advancement of Nationalities”.

Over the last nine years, Global Ministries, One Great Hour of Sharing, and Week of Compassion have had opportunities to work with the Sichuan Radio and TV University in supporting the poor in minority areas in the Ganzi region of western China, where 80% of the population are ethnic Tibetans. Programs include training English teachers for schools in Ganzi, building greenhouses in high-altitudes for school children who board at their rural schools, supporting relief work in times of disaster (especially after the earthquake in May 2008), setting up dairies to provide milk for schools, sending medical teams to rural areas, and training doctors for Tibetan villages. Sichuan Radio and TV University serve as a national model, and Global Ministries is very proud to work with them.

Sichuan Radio and TV University President Yi Li works closely with Global Ministries to design projects to serve local minority organizations; Vice-President Jianchuan Li and Office Director Rongling Xia have sent materials and traveled to the deep mountain areas with Global Ministries; Mr. Donglin Li, a cameraman, has made several program videos; Mr. Jian Li drives the Global Ministries visitors to accompany program areas of Ganzi.  Many others work behind the scenes to support this work. 

Global Ministries staff remembers their familiar faces and imagines them traveling with us in mountain wind, rain and snow, even stopped by a mud slide on the mountain road in an uninhabited area.  We thank them, and give thanks to God to have partners like them.

The Amity Foundation, an independent Chinese volunteer organization, also received a similar award at the same time.  Founded in 1985, the Amity Foundation encourages education, health, rural development and social services in areas of need throughout China.  Based on the initiative of Chinese Christians, Amity strives to benefit the people in most need, and build friendships, both within China and abroad, based on mutual respect and peace.  Global Ministries has worked for decades with the Amity Foundation and congratulates it upon receiving this high honor.