Sixth Day Since Disaster

Sixth Day Since Disaster

The sixth day since the first large earthquake in Kyushu. One characteristic of this recent disaster in Kyushu is the number of tremors that continue throughout each day. Just hours ago Kyushu was shook again with a Magnitude 5 earthquake. 

kumamoto.jpgBecause there are so many tremors, local people are unable to return to their homes. They are afraid to be inside a building. Therefore, many people are spending the nights in their cars. Being restricted to tight quarters for days on end has caused many people to be carried to the hospital, and some have died from something called “the Economy Class Syndrome.” Food shortages and water shortages continue. Roads have been washed out.

Church pastors and YMCA staff, and all sorts of people wanting to help have entered the are to try to gather information. I can remember vividly what it was like those first days after the great earthquake in the Tohoku five years ago. Great confusion, and in addition to that a stream of people who come to gather information and find ways to help. It must be a nightmare for the people living there. Trying to get your bearings as people go hear and there in an effort to gather information.

The death toll is 43, with 8 people missing. Each day reporters report from the scene.

There is no mention of the nuclear plants over the major media. On facebook I saw one person argue that the plants should be closed down immediately given the fact that evacuation routes (both road and rail) are closed down for local residents who live near the plants.