Slash Christian Church members raise money for Expectant Mothers in India on Mother’s Day

Slash Christian Church
Ashland, Virginia

Slash_Church.jpgDuring a planning meeting, the members of Slash Christian Church were brainstorming how to honor women on Mother’s Day in the church.  After discussing the traditional options, such as presenting a flower or a small gift to each woman in the congregation, the team started to discuss larger ways to honor women internationally.  The congregation currently has a missionary relationship with Dr. Anil Henry working at the Christian Hospital in Mungeli, India.  This relationship ignited the conversation of honoring expectant mothers in Mungeli, India through caring for their children.  The congregation was able to do this by raising funds to provide baby boxes through the Baby Box program.  Baby boxes contain many items an average rural family cannot afford, such as diapers, blankets, sleepers, baby bath and shampoo.  To foster additional community participation, the blankets and sheets were sewn by students of the community college the hospital operates.

The Slash Christian Church congregation embraced this opportunity to honor their women and mothers through the Baby Box program.  The final total of special giving for this Mother’s Day project came to $3,000, an amount sufficient for 120 expectant mothers to receive a baby box. The members of the congregation were very excited about this project as they were able to honor women and new mothers on Mother’s Day in a tangible way.

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