Small loan project in HIV/AIDS villages in Henan Province

The East Asia and Pacific Office is working with the Zhecheng Succor (HIV/AIDS) Society, Global Ministries partner in Henan Province, China, on a small loan project since last year.

This year, they used $5000, about 40,000 Chinese Yuan, to purchased 161 milking goats for 161 families affected by HIV/AIDS in Shuangmiao Village, Jiduchi Village, Chengliu Village and Wang Lian Village.

Feeding these goats will be manageable for the families in this region, many of whom lack {mosimage}employment. Family members will benefit from the nutrition of the milk from the goats. Additionally, the goats are capable of reproducing every five months, generating income for families.

After our partner delivered the goats, people in other villages came to them, also wanting the benefits that the milk goats will bring to their families and the region. Your continued support of projects in this region will allow even more families affected by HIV/AIDS in rural China to improve their nutrition and income.{mosimage}