Stories of Southern Asia

Stories of Southern Asia

My name is Brande and I work as the Communications Associate for Global Ministries. Recently, I traveled to Southern Asia for a month and it was one of the most humbling and rewarding experiences of my life. I was able to travel to India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Indonesia to film and interview people for a documentary we are creating for the Southern Asia Initiative. This initiative will take place for 18 months from June 2019 through December 2020. While visiting the region, I met people who were victims of human trafficking, spoke with teachers who are farmers, met with women who meet in forum groups to build wealth and opportunities in their villages, visited after school programs in slums, and met with victims of the recent war in Sri Lanka. I met so many remarkable people and I am eager to share their stories with you. 

During my visit, I was able to get a first-hand account of how our partners are championing issues that deal with climate change, migration and human trafficking, freedom of religion, and churches becoming open, just, and inclusive communities.

As we walk with our partners during the initiative, it is our hope that we will become “mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.”

Please visit us each month as we share a story from the region. On January 6 we will be releasing our first story.