crolp.jpgAbout 80% of the Evangelical Church of West Timor (GMIT) church members live in small villages in Indonesia where farming is essential. A group of GMIT pastors with farming experience formed an association called Kompastoni. Kompastani means “pastors who like to farm.” To address the needs of the community, Kompastani conducts activities and workshops for congregations in modern and cooperative farming methods. This program helps develop resources, enhance sustainability, and empower communities.


One person who has been directly impacted by this program is a young man who is called “Captain.” The name came from when he was a migrant making a living as a fishing boat captain. When at sea in the Philippines, Captain became sick. The sickness lasted for over two years. He eventually made his way back to Indonesia and was able to reach Bali. He went to the doctor and was told that nothing was wrong with him, yet he continued to feel sick. He decided to go to a prayer group to receive healing from God. Captain prayed and was healed. It was then that he decided he wanted to stay home and make a living in Indonesia.

Captain reached out to a local Kompastani Pastor and began to receive training on how he could cultivate his family’s land. His best friend decided that he wanted to follow Captain because he was such a good fishing captain. He knew Captain would make a living at whatever he decided to do. The two now work together by using modern farming techniques to grow to produce in their community.

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