Nagli Jalib

Nagli Jalib

Little_girls.jpgIn New Delhi, Global Ministries visited with Santosh of the Indian Samaritans Program to learn about their efforts to dismantle caste-based discrimination and uphold human dignity. One of the sites we were able to visit was Nagli Jalib. The project there, called the Enrichment Empowerment Center, strives to educate children about options beyond systemic oppression. Santosh is a local pastor who loves children and has a heart for God’s people.

The young women pictured are a part of the Indian Samaritans program. They showed us their community and introduced us to their parents. This was such a humbling experience. Families invited us into their homes to chat and tell us how the program was transforming their lives and the lives of their children.

The Indian Samaritans Program serves economically underprivileged children by supporting their education, empowerment, and employment. They work with parents and schools to ensure that the children succeed in education and are trained to enter the workforce when they finish school. Almost all of the children are first-generation students. It is Santosh’s hope that the children do not leave the program for any reason and continue their education past grade 9. Large numbers of people throughout the world have no formal education. Poverty and child marriages continue to directly impact a child’s access to education.

This program aims to break the cycle of poverty among children living in extreme poverty in India. The Indian Samaritans Program also addresses the issues of child labor, malnutrition, school dropout rates, child marriages, and discrimination against disabled women and widows.

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