Spring Update from Mozambique

Spring Update from Mozambique

While you are all looking forward to the end of winter and the coming of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, we here in Mozambique are anxiously expecting the end of a hot, wet summer and the coming of the cooler, milder winter season. It is also nearly avocado season and the avocados here are HUGE! You can make a whole bowl of guacamole with just one of them, though there is nothing even resembling a plain corn chip to be found anywhere. We’ll just have to find new ways to enjoy them.

The regional synod meeting we told you about in our last update went very well and Erik’s Easter meditation was very well received. The following project management seminar was also quite successful and may lead to much more work in teaching those skills as time goes on. Many people approached us afterwards expressing great interest and hoping for subsequent training events for their local areas and groups.

The week after these two events, Erik was able to accompany Pastor Lucas Amosse and others on a short trip to deliver some young adult students to school in Zimbabwe. While they crossed the border to take the young women to their new school, Erik was able to stay and explore the small town of Espungabera, the nearest town to Gogoi. It is a beautiful 45 minute drive through the mountains from the Gogoi farm and will likely be one of the places we frequent often for supplies while living on the farm. Erik was able to meet and visit with the leader of the UCC church there, a woman named Gertrude. She is a dressmaker as well as a church leader and was kind enough to host him for the day. Later that night, after returning to Gogoi, Erik was introduced to the community officially during an all-night revival. The community seems very excited to have us come to work with them.

You may be wondering where Kim was during this trip. As you may already know, she had been quite ill preceding the trip and had to stay home. Upon Erik’s return it was determined that she had been dealing with a case of typhoid. It sounds weird to say “typhoid,” though in Mozambique the sickness has reached epidemic levels and is still quite common and dangerous. Thankfully it was not a full-blown case as we had been inoculated prior to our move to Mozambique. She is now nearly fully recovered after a bout of some very strong antibiotic injections. Thank you all for your prayers on her behalf.

While at Gogoi, Erik was able to see the house they are building for us nearing completion. (there is now a picture of the completed house on our FB page). We are planning a trip out there soon to visit and begin work setting up the house and working with the local people. In another two weeks we will be taking two young women to participate in a leadership training event for the REDES program Kim has been doing with the young women of the church. These two young women will be returning with the skills to take on the leadership of new groups. It is very exciting to see them taking on these leadership roles and a very good opportunity for them to learn new and valuable skills.

Thank you all for keeping the people of Mozambique and us in your prayers. You are in our thoughts and prayers often as well. May God continue to bless you and keep you and give you peace.


Kim and Erik Free serve with the United Church of Christ in Mozambique. Their appointment is made possible by your gifts to Disciples’ Mission Fund, Our Churches Wider Mission, and your special gifts.