Sri Lanka Housing Project Update

Tsunami recovery continues with the Thumpalai Housing Project in Sri Lanka.

Tsunami recovery continues with the Thumpalai Housing Project in Sri Lanka.

Thumpalai Housing Program Report


We bought 12.5 larchems of land at Thumpalai East, Point Pedro. Another 8.5 larchems of land have already been negotiated and we are now in a position to purchase the land at a cost of one hundred thousand rupees per larchem.


We had a function to lay the foundations on the 25th of August 2005. Rev. Fr. M. Iruthayathas, Rev. G.A. Sathees (Methodist Minister of the Point Pedro Church), Rev. S. Milton (Secretary of the JDCSI) and Mrs. Beverly Watson attended this function. The Assistant Government Agent of Point Pedro and other government and non-governmental officers and dignitaries were also present. The AGA in his speech said that the JDCSI is the only organization which came forward to buy land for the affected victims and has plans to build a permanent house (27 feet by 19 feet), toilets, and wells according to the requirements prescribed by the government authorities (500 sq feet, 200 meters away from the sea).

The beneficiaries came forward to clear the land and got together into small groups for cutting the 4 inch bricks. We paid their labour accordingly. We called the contractors on the first of September to sign the documents with the JDCSI. They have started digging the ground according to plan.


Since we had some difficulties obtaining the deed from the government authorities for the allocated land, we have decided to start with a temporary shed. We have completed the temporary shed (30 ft x 15 ft). We have also planned to start the counseling training program for young girls and breadwinners. In the last Tsunami Relief Committee meeting, we decided to start the livelihood project for war-displaced families as soon as possible as well, involving raising chickens and goats and planting a coconut grove.

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