Statement on the Conflict in Sudan

Statement on the Conflict in Sudan

As communications of civil unrest abound, Global Ministries voices our concern and condemnation of civil violence of any form.  We are heartbroken at the hundreds of civilian lives that have been lost, and thousands of others that have been injured. As we continue to hear these reports of heightened civil unrest, we anxiously watch and pray, for an end to the ongoing armed conflict and humanitarian crisis in the Republic of Sudan.

The worsening crisis has led to hundreds of thousands of displaced persons as they have fled Sudan into neighboring countries seeking refuge and safety, while others have been denied the freedom to seek safe refuge at their own will. As reports of the mounting number of victims and displaced citizens continues to rise, we grieve with those who have lost loved ones, homes, and livelihoods. We join the international community and stakeholders to appeal to Sudanese leaders to engage in dialogue with mediating nations that will lead to suspension of hostilities, and an end to the conflict and an agreement towards peaceful relation in the region.

God of hope and peace,

We lift our voices to You on behalf of our siblings in Sudan, and around the world, who have experienced trauma, violence, loss, and displacement in the face of the “burgeoning civil war” and an unpredictable future. We stand as prisoners of hope in You, for the realization of peace, healing, and reconciliation in the land. 

We seek your light in this dark and difficult situation and pray that You transform the hearts of leaders and cause them to be malleable to the calls for peace. We pray for a suspension of hostilities during this time of mediation, and that talks will end in a peaceful resolution.  Strengthen those who once again await to return to their homeland to rebuild their lives.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Dr. Kahala Cannon
Global Relations Minister, Africa