Statement Regarding the Bomb Incident in front of the Cathedral in Makassar, Indonesia

Statement Regarding the Bomb Incident in front of the Cathedral in Makassar, Indonesia

by Dian Institute/Interfidei and the Indonesian Interfaith Network 

Responding to the bomb explosion at the entrance of the Cathedral in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Sunday (28/3/2021), we, DIAN Institut/Interfidei and the Indonesian Interfaith Network (IIN), express:

  1. Our immense concern regarding this incident, not only because it happened in front of a Cathedral where Catholics were worshipping, but because this “SUNDAY” all Christians around the world, including in Indonesia, were celebrating “Palm Sunday”, commemorating “the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem bringing peace with simplicity and humility for a life of peace and hope together”.
  2. Our concern, especially for the victims currently being treated in several hospitals in Makassar. May all of them receive good care and recover and then be able to reunite with their respective families in love and hope.
  3. To our brothers and sisters, anyone, anywhere, members of the community, the nation of Indonesia, do not panic and be readily provoked by various information spread through social media or other media, especially if they generalize news as if the incident was carried out by and in the name of a particular religion. We need to keep a positive mindset and stand by the principle that such a cruel and inhuman crime is not due to any religion or ways of religious acts. Quite the contrary, this is evidence of actions that violate the purpose of any religious and spiritual values that exist in Indonesia and around the world.
  4. That we need to believe that any religion that exists, thrives and flourishes in Indonesia is a religion of peace and reconciliation, not of violence, hostility and killing and deathly practices, but rather one that quickens one another in a civilized manner with PEACE AND PROSPERITY.
  5. That let us entrust the whole process of tracing why this happened, what the motive was, who was behind the incident, for what purpose, to the ranks of the security apparatus, the Indonesian National Police, who are already and are still carrying out the process ensuring the guarantee of the safety of the lives of the entire people.
  6. That let all members of society, the leaders, public figures and peoples of all religions and beliefs in Indonesia, work hand in hand, tightly holding hands, guard one another, and help the security forces so we can live collectively in safety, calm and peace.
  7. As a final note, that the Christian holy day, Palm Sunday, may only be a “momentum”, not because it is “Christian”, but for the desire that the event becomes a more widespread sensation. Thus, may we all be able to withstand and control our emotions, anger and negative thoughts by continuing to think positively for our collective life in the future.
  8. That please keep praying for those who have committed wrongs against you. Let us guard “our common home, INDONESIA”.

Greetings of peace. Keep the spirit of building a life together in peaceful sister/brotherhood for a better common future for us all.

Rev.  Elga Sarapung
Director of the DIAN/Interfidei Institute
Coordinator of the Indonesian Interfaith Network

Yogyakarta, 28 March 2021