Statement by the Council of Churches of Egypt

Statement by the Council of Churches of Egypt


The Egypt Council of Churches severely condemns the brutal attacks on police stations , public facilities and honest citizens.

It also condemns in the tougher terms the successive attacks on the Egyptian churches and the Christians and their property across the country.

The Council appeals to the valiant armed forces to firmly support the loyal policemen in order to restore the security and stability of the country.

The Council declares its total rejection of the deliberate and intransigent western misinformation against the free Egyptian people as well as the western refusal of the Egyptians’ right to defend themselves against terrorism . Furthermore, the Council rejects any foreign intervention in the affairs of our country in any way. 

We pray to God, Almighty name, hoping our dear country all peace, security and stability.

Fr. Dr. Beshouy Helmy
General Secretary of the Egypt Council of Churches