Stories from ACG in Guatemala

Stories from ACG in Guatemala

Read stories of the micro-loan project in Guatemala.

Ana’s Story

I want to share with you that before entering the microcredit project I did not have the idea of ​​saving money.  But now with the credit training that ACG gives us, I have learned a lot.  I now save, and I have my own individual project.   With my loan from ACG, I bought cows.  When they are ready to sell, I know I will have good results because I take care of my animals with all my heart and give them the best care.  ACG gives me insight into how to care for an animal well.  The money made from the project allows us to plant the fields and pays for my clothing.  I hope you continue supporting us.  

Rafael Maria’s Story

Rafael Maria purchased chickens at a cost of approximate $1.26 each with her ACG microcredit loan.  In the space of three months, the chickens are ready to be sold for meat by the pound.  Each chicken weighs between five and eight pounds and sells at about $1.52 per pound.  The sale of the chickens is done in the same community in which they are raised.  The earnings will be used for the establishment and upkeep of a chicken farm, consisting of 60 to 100 chickens. 

Rosenda’s Story

Rosenda used her loan to prepare the land and then plant cardamom seed.  Once planted, cardamom should be cleaned twice a year.  The estimated cost of the entire cultivation process runs between $500.00 and $750.00.  After a year of planting, the first crop is obtained.   Cardamom plants have an estimated life of six to eight years, as long as the maintenance is kept up.  A pound of cardamom is sold at a price of about $75.00, depending on the season in which it is sold.  Each apple cardamom in the first year yields approximately 6,698 pounds.  The second year the yield should be approximately 8,037 pounds.  In the third year should yield another 6,698 pounds.  The yield declines yearly from the second year to approximately 1,607 pounds in the sixth year.


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