Expressions of Concern and Solidarity from International Partners following Hurricane and Superstorm Sandy

Expressions of Concern and Solidarity from International Partners following Hurricane and Superstorm Sandy

At a moment when the attention of not only the people of America, but also the world, is on your presidential election, a natural disaster or Hurricane Sandy, hits your country as well.   The amount of damage done makes us talk of a cyclone rather than a storm.  The situation that you are facing does not leave us indifferent, for we are One in Jesus Christ (Unity in diversity).
We pray not only for the human lives touched directly and indirectly by this scourge, but also for other living beings and things – the wildlife and plants along the east coast of your country.  As soon as I grasped the immensity of the damage, I asked all our pastors to organize prayer vigils in their respective congregations.  The day that we have designated for everyone to come together for prayer is this Thursday November 1.   Here in Brazzaville, the women of the church will organize an all-night vigil from Wednesday to Thursday uniquely for this situation.   
Finally, our deepest sympathy to Global Ministries, churches around the country and the American people for the loss of lives and for those in mourning.
Rev. Georges Ngoka
General Secretary and Legal Representative
Church of the Disciples of Christ in Congo, Brazzaville

Dear Friends at Global Ministries
I hope you have survived Sandy. Our prayers are with those who have lost their lives since Sandy came up.  
Rev. Majaha Nhliziyo
Director of the Leadership Academy
United Congregational Church of Southern Africa, Johannesburg

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Greetings and blessings to you and trust that this note finds you in good health. We have received the news of the hurricane with deep concern for the lives of several people who are actually at risk as a result of this natural phenomenon. Please know that your HAMA (partner companions) in Zimbabwe, and the UCCZ in particular, are lifting up prayers for you and all our HAMA (partner companions)in the USA. May God our Creator hears our prayers during this period of anxiety and distress.
Kind regards,
Rev Matuvhunye
President of the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe, Harare

From Centro Shalom in Chile:
The sisters and brothers of the Pentecostal Church of Chile are praying for all those affected by the storm on the East Coast of the United States. We are tied together: “If one part of the body suffers, every part suffers with it…”

Dear partners and friends in the USA,

It is with profound sadness, agony and shock that we are sending you this message on behalf of the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) member Churches. The tragic effect and impact of the unparalleled Sandy storm on the people of the Eastern Coastal States and indeed on the entire people of USA – young and old – is simply heartbreaking.  The loss of life, the destruction of property we saw was unbelievable and inconceivable. As Africans, we know the depth and intensity of human sufferings. So we agonize with all the people of USA.  When one part of the body suffers, every part suffers (I Cor.12: 16). Therefore, your cry is our cry; your agony is our agony; your problem is our problem.

We want, through you, to assure the churches, the families who are affected by this tragic and unexpected event and the entire people of the United States of America of our constant prayer at this very difficult and taxing time. As Africans we have unforgettable memories of the solidarity and attention the people of America gave us and continue to give during our difficult times.

May God the Almighty be with all the people of America and specifically with the families who feel lost and troubled so that their confidence, national pride and admirable culture are restored.

Indeed the anxiety and fear of what comes next for those who have survived is difficult to contemplate. But crisis brings new opportunities. May this predicament become for the people of USA a source of renewed hope, faith and vision.

We want to assure you that we will continue to uphold all of you in our prayers. Please convey our condolences and prayers to the bereaved families as well as the families of the injured and the displaced. May our Lord give them strength and courage as they pass through this difficult period.

Sincerely yours,
The Most Rev. Archbishop Valentine Mokiwa, President
Rev. Dr. Andre Karamaga, General Secretary
All Africa Council of Churches

November 1, 2012
We have been following the news on television. We are deeply touched by the enormous suffering caused by the storm along the East Coast.
We shall continue to stand with you in prayer at this moment of great need.
Rev. Nicta M. Lubaale, General Secretary
Organization of African Instituted Churches

The Christian Council of Ghana said a prayer this morning for the USA and it is our hope that God will grant you grace to go through this time of suffering and pain.
Mrs. Joyce Larko
Christian Council of Ghana
Accra, Ghana

We note with disbelief the natural disasters hitting the USA in terms of the hurricane currently hitting the coastal parts of the USA.  We pray for and with all the families who lost lives and property.  We note that the disaster is not over yet and we continue to pray for all Americans especially those directly affected by the hurricane.  We have no doubt that this is due to the effects of climate change which further strengthens the point for more concerted efforts in the advocacy for climate justice.  God gave us the earth and all its natural resources to feed from it and also to protect and nurture the environment.
May God continue to be with his people comforting them and protecting them
God Bless You all,
Gideon C. M. Dlamini
General Secretary for the Council of Churches in Swaziland
Manzini, Swaziland