Synod of Mozambique Report to Global Ministries

Synod of Mozambique Report to Global Ministries

United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA)

General Activities 2008-2009

The United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA) – Mozambique Synod has been engaged in the following activities:

Development Opportunities

The UCCSA-Mozambique implements a livestock-raising project with 16 cattle distributed among church members aiming to alleviate the extreme poverty of most church member families.  This project has been in existence for nine years.  Due to the serious financial difficulties of church members in the countryside, part of the money designated for development opportunities was used for veterinary assistance because in some cases animals were falling sick and dying simply because veterinary care could not be provided.

The Balaza congregation in Inhambane Region is building a multi-purpose hall intended to be used as an income-generating project.  The hall is still under construction.

New Church Establishment

Two Church Stations have been planted in Muyota in Murrombene District and Mambadine in Massinga District.  In addition, two more stations have been identified namely Guambene in Inharrime District and Mabecuane in Massinga District.  All these districts are in Inhambane Province.

Prior to the establishment of these stations, eight motivators were trained and certified to work as evangelists to coordinate all the work to be done and ensure the growth of the church through their leadership.  Each station also held a workshop on church growth.   

Evangelism/Church Building Ministries

A three-day workshop was held from 20-22 November 2008.  Seventeen pastors attended.  The core issues dealt with were church expansion, pastoral counselling, and evangelism in Gaza Province, which is a new church region to be established between Maputo and Inhambane.

During the workshop the need for literacy programs for church members in Gaza was discussed and approved.  This was due to the fact that most people in rural areas cannot read or write.  They find it difficult to read the Bible or any other church literature.          

Bible School Zakeu Likumbe – Maxixe

The Synod provided resources for students’ logistical needs, medical assistance, electricity, and water expenses to the Bible School based in Maxixe. 

Pastor Pensions

There are four retired pastors and three widows in the care of the Synod.  The Synod was able to provide each of them the amount equivalent to $30 in December 2008.    


The UCCSA-Mozambique Synod office was burglarized and the computer was stolen.  A new computer was purchased to facilitate the work of the office.  Internal and external travel expenses also were covered.  In addition, the Synod pays for the officers and other group representatives to attend the UCCSA Assembly in Botswana in trying to meet the official requirements of the denomination.    


Despite financial limitations, the UCCSA-Mozambique is glad to report that the church is spiritually doing well.