Prayer of Intercession – Systems that Keep Us in Bondage

Prayer of Intercession – Systems that Keep Us in Bondage

‘It is possible to have a complete certainty that one is doing good work,
in a spirit of service to the poor, and yet work for the victory of a
system of domination, and even, in the end, lead its victims on to accept
it and internalize it.  We must learn to mistrust ourselves –
and our good intentions.’

Jean-Marc Éla in My Faith as an African 

God of love and liberation, you have called us to work in partnership with sisters and brothers around the world.  As we seek to realize, even in part, your plan for a just and peaceful world, may we be conscious not only of our actions but also our intentions.

As we bring good news, may we not only use our words but also our deeds.  And may we be open to receiving the good news which others, who follow the way of Jesus in other contexts, have for us.

As we proclaim release to the captives, may we not only seek it for others, but let us acknowledge the ways in which we are captive to a Western culture of indulgent consumption.  It is too easy to try and help others ‘over there’ while not questioning the way we live here.  Living in partnership, let us repent and to seek alternative ways of living that show care for the earth and for others.

As we proclaim recovery of sight to the blind, use our partners of other cultures to show us our own cultural blind spots. Help us to critique ourselves, and may we be open to embracing visions of your reign that we have never seen.

And as we seek to let the oppressed go free, teach us about systems of injustice that keep your children and your creation in bondage.  Give us the grace to admit when we are at fault, and the courage to change our ways.

Loving and merciful God, as we work together for a just world, may we truly realize what it means to be partners with others and with you, and may your favor be proclaimed to all your children.  Amen.